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Head Injury, Now Muscle Twitching


I had a head injury yesterday at work, a roll of banding fell on my head from a fair distance. When it landed on me i got a quick fuzzy sensation which lasted no more than a second.

Within 2 hours my head started to hurt and the headache lasted the rest of the day, continued all night and is still present tonight.

Earlier on today i started to get a twitch in what appears to be my left lat. It's going wild, on and off.

Was curious if that banding may done more damage than i anticipated or if it just happens to be a coincidence that i am getting this the day after a head injury.

I had no double vision, loss of memory, unconsciousness etc. Just that fuzzy feeling when it hit and a sore head for almost tow days.

The twitch doesn't hurt

Thanks for you time
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    Since you have a headache and twitching, perhaps you should see a doctor and get an X-ray or ct scan to determine if you are hurt worse than you think.
      You probably have a concussion - and usually they are not bad enough to warrant medical attention.  But sometimes a concussion can cause a bleed in the brain or a crushed disc or cracked vertebrae.  
      If you can afford it, go to the ER and have them check you over.
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You log the injury into the works Accident and Report Book if you have done this.

Make an appointment to see your doctor straight away.  I think that you go to A+E within 24 hours of an injury.   If symptoms do get worse, make get someone to take you to A+E

As you are in the UK you can telephone your doctors telephone number any time after your surgery is closed and you will be transferred to the out-of-hours doctors, they will give you advice.
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You may in fact have a slight concussion...and possible whip lash.wouldnt hurt to seek medical attention. not sure how much a roll of banding weighs but I would not just leave it..you may have nerves from your cervical spine swollen or muscle so it could also be inflammation.if you don't want to see a dr, go to a chiropractor..!
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It is free for people to go to A&E in the UK.  This is for emergencies only and not for routine problems.  The problem is these days that some hospital A&E departments close in the evenings and open again the mornings due to lack of funding.  So it really depends which town you live in.

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  I was just now reading an article on a young fella who suffered a severe head injury - not expected to survive.  His family and a friendly doctor put him on large doses of Omega 3 (fish oil ) and he made a complete recovery!!
    Just saying... it can't hurt.
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