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Head tingles with pressure, almost 1 year with it! Some numbness at times!

Hi I'm 24 years old. I was dignosed with Panic Disorder and PCOS. Well with the help of Clexa the panic attacks seem to be gone. Well in January of last year I started to get a pressure in my head on the right side and it would not go away, I went to the ER and they gave me a CT SCAN it came back remarkable. Well this was before my medication but I kept running to the neroloigist over and over and he said nothing was wrong Anxiety headaches so on. I told him that I thought i had a brain tumor. Well the pressure went away and now from i would say Febuary till even this moment I have head tingles I dont know how to explan it, like air bubbles in my head or just bugs crawling on top of my head. I have had it for some time. I have 2 bumps on the top of my head which my reg doc looked at and he said they where just bumps nothing to worry about. Well since being on my medication for Anxiety and my Klnopine .25mgs it seems to help with the panic and everything but if the tingles and all that where signs of anxiety why would i still have it? It doesnt make much since to me. I also would like to say that the tingles scared me so bad at one point i didnt do anything I became agoraphobic. I constantly thought if i drove or somthing I would have a anyrism or a stroke. I drive all the time know and I have a better perspective on everything I just dont understand head tingles what could they be? I have never had a fall or anything. I do get sinus sometimes. But bascally what is bothering me is the presurre on the right side and the tingles i get like air bubbles,bugs crawling around HELP
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I get a feeeling thats close to what your discribing mine starts in the back of my neck were the head and spine meet.Theres no pain justa weird impulse feeling makes my head feel weird and woozy.The feeling also goes to my shoulders,arms, and or legs sometimes.Makes my muscles in these areas feel weird.I'm not shure what the head tingles are I'm currently trying to figure that out myself.I'm currently trying to get a MRI and nuero evaluation.I'm hoping its just anxiety.
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Hi, I'm 21 years old and last year I had my first panic attack. A couple of months afterwards I got really bad head tingles, numbness, and insane head pressure that didn't go away for 7 months. It drove me crazy. They put me on Zoloft and that made me even crazier. However, I went to acupuncture as a last resort and no joke, with just two visits the head pressure and tingles were completely gone. It's anxiety for sure, breathing exercises and massaging your own shoulders may work, it helps me out. Try acupuncture and hollistic medicine, it really works.
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Hello, Im 22 years old and basically have the exact same thing! I started having really bad panic attacks, turns out i have a panic disorder. My usual symptoms were heart palpitations, depersonalization, flushes.... then all of a sudden i began getting this feeling as though there was a big air bubble trapped in my head. I became absolutely terrified, was sure i had a brain tumor or ms or something. I am now pretty agrophobic, i always feel as though im about to have a fit or stroke or hemmoridge.
I have had a pressure headache ever since, sometimes i get bits of me that go numb, it drives me mad. I wish i could have an MRI.
Just wondering, do any of you experience any popping or clicking sensations with your headaches?
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hi im 30years of age female, i have this feeling at the back of my head as if its numbness and it goes down my neck and i get the sudden rush of presure at the top of my head as if its goin to burst. and when its over my body gets all dumpey and gittery. its realy scarey i think im goin to dye. my first head preasure was when i was about 16. im so afaid i have a brain tumer. its gettin worse has im getten  older.
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Do any of you's take drugs?
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Yes i have the same thing it must be anxiety but still it scary isnt it. should i tell the dr?how can yu get rid of it? i have it all the time. and other anxeity sypmtoms, eg heart palpitations, flushes, headaches, feeling as though i am going to faint, dizziness, etc what is a goos supplements or drug for anxiety? i want to go on somehing but not get hooked on it
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