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Headache/Migraine lasting almost 2 weeks

Hello, I am a 25 year old male currently studying. I developed an annoying and constant migraine that goes and returns depending on what I do. I am really scared to find out I probably developed an unruptured aneurysm or something else. My lifestyle is bad; I live in a very insecure mexican city, my BMI is 19.9, I used to be fat (90kg), but managed to reach 57.4kg in like 3 years, by abandoning sodas and cutting junk food. I only drink water and milk now, I eat healthy homemade food, like chicken almost everyday, steak once or twice a week, beans, rice, soups, I rarely eat junk food, probably twice a month, depending on the mood... Recently, I have eaten a lot of nuts, pistachios, and cinnamon toast crunch (my mom just gift me like 3kg of it, been dinning a cup or two late at night like 4 days per week, for the past month). I smoke a lot of weed, like 1gram per day, with bong, inside an enclosed room with little ventilation due to some difficulties I have for that, I also live a sedentary and very stressful life; I study software engineering, a lot of annoying math, I sleep 5hrs a day on average, I've got a brother with Down Syndrome that a lot of people target for good and bad intentions alike, I spend the entire day sitting, my "job" is writing, I love to write novels, and play videogames. I easily spend over 10hours sitting everyday, sometimes more, rarely less. This is all during 6 years in college as a foreign with no friends and more difficulties socializing, because I suffered a terrible long-distance breakup in high school. I used to play 30mins of soccer everyday in high school (being fat still), so I had some fitness that helped me lose weight these past 3 years, with the help of an app in Google Play Store... Fast forward, I was minding my business, but while doing some push ups, I suddenly felt he left side of my head throb a little bit without pain, and after that, the migraine landed, it was terrible and very annoying. It was above my ear, a little to the front, not behind my eye, nothing big like numbness or blurry vision or nausea, not yet. I blamed the weed and this exercise I wanted to make more challenging, squatting with dumbbells, but held up to the front, with my arms fully extended forming an inverted "L" kind-of, 3 sets of 20 repeats along the other exercises, did this like 6 times for January and February, feeling really weakened and tired through the last days. I found out really late that no such exercise even exists, who the hell knows why I did it, I gave up on it not so long ago, and then I got the migraine either way, I think, I don't remember if the migraine made me quit it for good, but it wasn't that far from it. I realized it raised my head's blood pressure so much, just like weightlifting at a high potential, not sure...

Migraine goes and returns, if I eat sugary food like cinnamon toast, it starts raising up and can become unbearable, sometimes when smoking weed, depends on quantity and I think ventilation, I been testing this one, but it's tricky, I am smoking less, but it's hard for me to deal with it with this depression I have, if I do the weird squat exercise (which I won't do ever again, I did it 3 times just to test how bad it was), and most importantly of course, when masturbating. The third or fourth day I had the migraine, I masturbated without quitting, I literally didn't give a damn and flipped it at destiny, and I feel like it moved the spot of my migraine or cured the old one, but left a new one, same, above ear, but behind, almost on the back of my head; nothing near eye, no sensitivity to light, no stiff neck (it was a little stiff once, like a 1 out of 10, maybe 1.5... but I blamed it on myself, because if I also lean my head down, like when being in the toilet and "reading the phone with a hunchback", it revives the migraine but it only hurts once I raise my head, with a thunderclap or two and then going down in pain; the longer I do that, the longer it takes to heal back, up to 1hr) no nausea or anything blurry. Feels the same, if my blood pressure raises in my head, it begins to come back and reach a thunderclap feel.

I am worried about my health, I am trying to overcome the obstacles, I managed to get rid of a lot of unhealthy stuff, but I still got a lot to do and it's hard, it's like forcing a fish to fly, I don't know. I am really worried that I might develop something life-threatening, and I've no way to go right now, I got very little to spend and lose too... Haven't taken any medications for the pain, I don't want to "silence it" and keep hurting myself, I've only started to take Quetiapina for sleeping, which I feel has helped a lot in the last 2 days I started using it; the pain is going down I believe, but I have to maintain my pressure low, otherwise it feels like it will absolutely never go away. I can workout and do my daily stuff, but it's very annoying and stressful, it made me attack my parents with anger and irritability, but that verbal fight made me feel so relieved after too. It's all so messed up, I am bleeding on every corner. Is it possible to tell if I will develop something worse with an xray? I am scared of having a needle up my back, and having an aneurysm so small it won't get detected, but kill me anyways in 20 years or so, while having sex finally for the first time or something, I am filled with anxiety.
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Hello~First off, I highly suggest that you change your diet to a more natural one with lots of fruits and veggies. Fish and Chicken are fine as well. You may have some unstable blood sugar causing the headaches after you eat food with sugar in it. Also, you should try to see a chiropractor for your headaches, you probably have some misplaced vertebrae in your neck and upper spine, if this is indeed the case, then the chiropractor will truly help. The chiropractor will take some x-rays, study them and then go over the results with you, he/she will tell you if you condition can be helped with their treatments, if it can, then after a few treatments you should start to feel better.

I also suggest seeing your GP for all the other issues you are having, you do need some tests to help ascertain what exactly is going on. You should do this as soon as possible as the sooner the causes of the  issues are detected, the sooner they can be helped and this will stop any further or serious illnesses from developing.
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