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Hi - from November 2008 until Spring 2009 I had an odd, daily, off and on headache.  I would get shooting pains and achiness in my forehead, behind my eyes, and on top of my head.  I had congestion when putting my head down, but nothing severe.  Also mild nausea.  Sometimes they would be short in duration.  Sometimes they would develop into a full blown headache.  I had a great deal of tests: Sinus scan, CT scan of brain, neurological work-up, abdominal CT scan, blood work, etc.  Doctors weren't concerned but couldn't really put a finger on the cause.  No one knew if they were mild daily migraines, sinus related, referred pain as the result of a stiff neck, etc.?  Bending over tended to exacerbate the problem.  Advil and Excedrin migraine helped a bit but not much.  Acupuncture seemed to help a bit too.  Well the headaches faded and I haven't had a headache in over three years -thankfully.  But the same symptoms are now back.  I am hoping not to have to put up with the discomfort for months again, although I am much less anxious about the issue since I know they went away over time the first time.  Any suggestions or thoughts about the issue?  Could they be seasonal in nature as the weather changes?  Thanks for any help you can provide.  Mike
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Have you had your wisdom teeth out yet? I got horrible headaches and other similar symptoms for years and after I had all four of my impacted wisdom teeth removed, they severely decreased in frequency and the other symptoms vanished when I do get a headache now
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Yes, thanks.  I have had my wisdom teeth removed.  I was also tested for TMJ the last time I had these headaches but that wasn't an issue.  
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migraine.stop drinking coffe and tea.avoid strong light and noise when happend,get adviv or excedrin when u need them and relax.u are stressed out.
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