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Headaches, head feels weird (pulsating/vibrations)-may have to do with lack of sleep


I've been suffering from what I consider severe insomnia for about 10 months now. At first there would be days where I wouldn't sleep for 2 days straight, sleep 1-3 hours, and then not sleep again. Now, thank God, I am able to sleep 3-6 hours every night if I'm lucky. Anyways, the reason I'm here because for the past four days I've had a severe headache that will go away once every four or so hours and come back. For the past three days this headache has been accompanied with this weird feeling in my face/head mostly that I can't really describe. When ever I move, for example, if I walk, I get this weird sort of pulsating/vibration/throbbing feeling throughout my body landing on my head. Now this weird feeling is mostly taking place on my head/face and lips almost feel slightly numb.

I need to mention that I am a 26 yrs old female university student and about three days ago I had an exam that caused my already poor sleeping to get even worse (slept 2-3 hrs night for two nights before exam and was highly stressed). After the exam, I took an ambien and slept 4+ hrs and the day after, maybe 3 hrs. I am worried because I have never felt this way and the weird vibration/pulsating feeling is worrying me more than the headache. I want to write it off as lack of sleep but this has never happened, even when I've gone days without sleep.

I don't have insurance, so doctors and the billion tests they suggest aren't an option. One last thing, I've found that almost every time I try to fall asleep during the day (to make up for the night) I've gotten sleep paralysis, which is also freaking me out. I've had sleep paralysis before but not like this as in it has happened six times in a row while attempting to sleep within the same day. And my eyes hurt. This is probably all to do with sleep, but if anyone has gone through the same thing and recovered, your stories would be much appreciated.
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Just two more things I want to add. My chest was hurting for about three hours today, which caused me anxiety and the reason I am up trying to distract myself at 5am. And I also check my blood pressure and it was 128/67, which I know isn't serious, but worth mentioning.
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I don't know what you have, but have you ever tried magnesium supplements? Or n-acetyl cysteine (NAC). They both have been known to help wipe out headaches.
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