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Health concerns

I am not sure which topic/area to post my question in.

Last week, while everything was normal (i have been at home alot lately) i woke up one morning with small chest pains, they are really nothing and have not gotten much worse. Throughout the day i started feeling worse, like i was having trouble catching my breath or having shortness of it. My heart was literally racing and i couldn't sleep the following night. No matter how hard i tried to relax it has been almost impossible to do so, i feel heavy inside, like i'm short of something, like something is not right. I did go to a minor emergency clinic and described my problems, their not experts obviously and i respect that. They did a chest x-ray and found nothing wrong but told me that they are no radiology experts, and that i should see my family doctor or i could go to the emergency room and they would check me up their. Course i was told to come back the next day before to get the x-ray because they were not doing them.
I couldn't sleep thursday night at all, things were just getting worse, sort of like a big anxiety attack that Never resides, never goes away, and these small reoccurring little pains have me worried of a heart attack, and i'm only a 18 year old Male, and i believe that i am generally healthy, but not entirely active over the past month and a half. I went to the ER at my nearest hospital, i left at around 6 in the  morning and got their around 20 minutes later, i couldn't control what was happening, i had taken a pain killer and had tried to have breakfast before i went. When i got their the triage nurse took my blood pressure and temperature right away, it looked like a manual blood pressure machine, and i beeped at 190 according to the doctor. They took me in quickly and i had told the doctor that i feel like i'm short of breath, really tired, and my heart is constantly racing making me feel Really stressed, and i has not stopped for the past few days. They did a ECG heart trace test, a chest x-ray, a blood test, and a urine sample. They gave me a pill to help calm me down, but it hardly worked, if anything did not work at all, they never do, and i believe it's because i am ADHD, and i am not taking medication for it, have not been for a few years.
All of the tests appeared to come back normal, they had been monitoring my heart, and my blood pressure was always under 140. My blood pressure was good, they said my oxygen levels were good, my heart rate was good, but my pulse was around 100-120 range (mostly 100-110) All the time, and still usually is, but sometimes i think it has calmed down a bit, especially when i manage to get some sleep, which i have been trying to do alot lately, but it's hard. One thing the doctors found wrong was that my Phosphate levels were quiet low, and i usually drink alot of water, sometimes pop and juices, i Drink alot of juice, i have been known to go through a 2L big jug of Juice a day or 2 sometimes. They Discharged me after 6-8 hours of being in the hospital under monitoring and while waiting for test results to come back, which to my complete confusion have come back all negative. I was told that i would be getting a Kidney ultrasound when possible to rule out any further causes of high blood pressure, which i also really don't understand because my blood pressure and everything appeared normal the whole time, only of concern when i first arrived at the hospital because i had to bus and walk a bit to the hospital, this being cause i have parents who do not care about me and i couldn't get a bus to stop closer to the hospital, reasons unknown. I was told to follow this up with my family doctor, to my further possible stress and dismay AND confusion of what to do, i cannot see my doctor until the 13th of august, and have been trying to see her earlier, but she is on holidays. And i'm concerned that if something is really wrong that time is of the essence, i shouldn't be forced to wait so long to see my doctor, another reason why i went to the ER right away, and i was seen very quickly. The doctors prescribed me some sorta Phosphate pills to take twice a day, i have been taking them for the past 2 days, i have been eating, drinking milk, juices and pop, i have cereal for breakfast, that is high in fiber and lots of good stuff for me. But so far none of this is helping, i have gotten a good nights rest once, but this last night wasn't as great as it could of been. I feel almost bed ridden, but have managed to sit outside in the sun and try to remain calm. At the end of this week i am supposed to go in for testing to see if my phosphate levels have improved.

I apologize for the long and possibly mis-understanding message but i really don't know what's wrong with me and i am worried that something is really going to happen, and i am just looking for answers on what to do. I don't want to go back to the emergency like they told me to if this gets worse, unless it really does then i will not hesitate to. My most common fear is a heart attack or a cardiac arrest, i am not a smoker or a drinker, i have NEVER smoked or consumed alcohol in my life, nor am i around smokers often. Oh and regarding the ultrasound for the kidneys, i am confused about that because i have been using the bathroom quiet fine, and am urinating often, more so from drinking more fluids. Once again i am a young 18 year old male, who was generally healthy, i weighed myself in at about 195.8 pounds, i am about 6 feet tall.

My Almost constant symptoms are
-Feeling of heaviness/Sometimes weakness
-Sometimes Nausea (Relieved by eating/ or drinking)
-Light pains in the upper left area of my chest (They are not really bad pains)
-Small tender spot to the left of the sternum, and in between that and the left breast. It is tender when press on lightly to sometimes harder.  ( I believe this was caused by the doctors pressing on areas of my chest while i was breathing etc, during examination)
-The area of concern feels heavy and slightly weak and exhausted
-I Am usually quickly exhausted from light activity and such.
-General discomfort sometimes

The light pains really do concern me, that they could get worse, the doctors found no signs of heart issues though, and i have been taking 1-3 pain killers a day to control this, it works only for a little.

I'm following the instructions, and taking my phosphate pills twice a day as directed to me. But because things are still not really improving much and i am trying to get in to see my doctor earlier, but she is still on holidays and the quickest i was booked in for is August the 13th, i was put on a cancellation list and advised to call in everyday for an update on that. Things are not improving and it's bugging me!

Does anybody know what might be really wrong with me here, and what is Hypophosphatemia, i read something on Wikipedia about it, but i am no medical expert and still don't understand how this is happening to me, i'm to young for issues like this. Please help me to understand, if anybody knows any further possible problems please tell me, thank you for your time and patience, i really appreciate any help and suggestions given to me.

Once again i'd like to apologize for any improper usage of the forum, and placing this in possibly the wrong category. And of course i apologize for bad grammar and punctuation. Thank you
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Hi, I am sorry this is happening to you. I found a web site that states what Hypophosphatemia is.


Hypophosphatemia is a low level of phosphorus in the blood.


Anemia due to excess destruction of red blood cells (hemolytic anemia)
Heart muscle damage (cardiomyopathy)
Muscle weakness
Treating the cause of hypophosphatemia is needed to correct the phosphorous deficiency. Phosphate can be given by mouth or through a vein.


Various conditions may cause hypophosphatemia, including:
Vitamin D deficiency


The outlook depends on the disease causing the condition.
When to contact a doctor
Call your health care provider if you have muscle weakness or confusion

I realize you are very concerned about this condition but you need to try and remain as calm as possible. I am sure they are checking your kidneys because they help the body with the synthesis of vitamin D. They want to make sure the kidneys are functioning properly.
Did they check your vitamin D levels?
Sometimes if you call your doctors office first thing in the morning when they open and ask to speak with a nurse you can get an earlier appt. Just tell the nurse your condition and that you are very concerned about your heart and that you have already been to the ER and need to see the doctor as soon as possible. This is something that can't wait. You could ask to see another doctor in the same practice. Meanwhile make sure you take your medication. Your condition will improve as your phosphorus levels get back to normal.
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I believe they were testing everything, if i can recall they said my levels in everything else were good but my phosphate was low.
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It sounds to me like you are experiencing anxiety/depression.
All the symptoms you describe are quite typical of this condition which frequently presents itself at your age. It is a frequent companion to ADHD as well.
In addition to what you are currently doing I'd also contact a mental health professional as soon as you can to get relief from these symptoms.
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I also have low serum phosphate -- last year it was 2.0 and this year it dropped to 1.6 (normal being above 2.5).  I have normal blood calcium levels and slightly low vitamin D levels.  I have some similar symptoms -- left-sided pain in the ribcage area and sternum that goes into my midback.  I also have been trying - in vain - to get a diagnosis.  So far, all the docs have come up with is gallstones -- which usually causes pain on the right and does not cause low phosphate.  Good luck in getting a diagnosis.  I'd be interested to here what is causing it since my symptoms are similar.
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