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Heart pain after exercise

After I exercise I have a sharp pain in my chest. It can occur either minutes after exercise or hours. Its a sharp pain usually on my left or right side of my chest and it hurts worse when I breathe and when I turn my body to the side. It usually goes away within seconds but during the pain I try to keep still to minimize the pain. I have gotten x-rays and some other type of test but Doctors say my heart is fine. This has been happening for several years and I am now 20 years old. How can i figure out what is wrong with my body/heart? What can I do to prevent this pain from occurring?
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Wondering if it may be some kind of muscle spasm due to exertion. Have you ever talked to a chiropractor about this. I get spasms like that when my back/ribs are out of whack, which is alot!
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It is very good that you exercise regularly.

Please let me know how much time and what all exercises you perform and also give me some idea about the intensity of your workout to guide you better.

Also, since how long are you experiencing this?
Since how long are you exercising?

Don't worry; you are absolutely fine!

all the best
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Do you notice yourself wheezing? Asthma could be a simple solution.
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Well I do have asthma! I have had asthma since I was little and I have been doing sports since middle school but the pain started in the middle of high school sometime.I have an inhaler but I usually do not wheeze during or after exercise unless I have a cold. I usually just do cardio for about thirty-fifty minutes and that consists of riding the bikes at the gym or an elliptical or tread mill. I never do any heaving lifting though, maybe some leg work or abs and that is my work out. I have never seen a chiropractor so I'm not sure about the spasms but I appreciate all of your feedback! Thank you so much.
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Chest pain after exercise can be due to doing more than what your body can tolerate, staring exercises without proper warm up, lung causes like asthma, heart causes (angiography, stress TMT, ECHO, EKG should all be done) or even due to muscle pull. Electrolyte imbalance and dehydration too could be a cause. It can also be costochondritis. Do consult your doctor and discuss these possibilities. If it is asthma, then you must exercise in a graded fashion and taking a bronchodilator before the exercise like an asthalin puff may help (please do so under medical supervision). Take care!
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