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Heart problem or pending heart complications?

Patient is a 33 y/o Caucasian male, 5'3" 140lbs, non-smoke non-drink no Rx, semi-athletic, with the following symptoms:

Last 5 visits from Sep 2010 to May 2011

avg BP over last 5 visits 110/70
avg resting HR over last 5 visits 88
lipids panel performed mid-May: Chol 250, LDL 167, up from Jan 2004: Chol 199, LDL 113

Patient claims he drinks only water for everything (no coffee, no alcohol, no milk, etc.)
Patient claims he dislikes medicine of any form and tries to avoid the necessity (suffering through mild illnesses like colds, headaches, etc.)
Patient claims he does not eat any seafood
Patient claims he lost 20 lbs over 3 months (Jan 2011 to Mar 2011) using diet and exercise exclusively (157 down to 138 and now steady at 140, May 2011)

Patient wants to know if he is at risk for heart conditions purely because of Chol and LDL, but believes his mitigating factors (claims) listed above are preventing it and will continue to do so.  He also does not understand how his resting HR is so high, but his BP is so low.

I could use some help answering his questions.  Thank you!

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Even nature has non-natural components and silicon-plastic is a part of nature.
Is at risk of heart-attack. Pending heart-complications
HR is really the measurement of heart and immunity response to intensive threats...high HR means dealing with intensive and deadly threats...avoid these threats, whatever it is bothering the patient
BP is really the measurement of body and spiritual casing of intestine illness due to lack of vitamins and minerals, and need simple movement to allow muscles and body to develop tenacity, reflex, and strength
Take some gentle and effective medicine to lower your HR and raise BP with exercise and transform the symptoms with any abilities of decay into flawlessness. This also needs things like fibers from Metamucil, and Cherios cereal mixed with celery.
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The heartrate is compensatory, and his elevated heartrate, combined with a relatively low blood pressure suggest simple dehydration, secondary to an abnormal diet and hydration protocol.  Since the patient drinks only water, and I would bet the Brooklyn Bridge he never uses salt, you might suggest he start drinking fluid with electrolytes. You did not mention his hematocrit. Mild anemia can be a co-factor.You will probably find his orthostatic vital signs are a bit out of order. You did take them, of course.

Insofar as cholesterol levels, this is a straw dog. The danger to individuals with elevated cholesterol depends upon the condition and number of functioning LDL receptor sites, which depend upon genetics, diet, hormones and mutations. Cutting to the chase, for some people high cholesterol is a significant problem. For others, less of a problem. Scientific American magazine has published a number of articles on this dating back over twenty-five years.

There is a touch of hypochondria here, with the exercise and diet program as well as a pre-occupation with preventing the development of "heart disease". A "missing piece story".
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some people bodies are used to slightley low B.P.as far as they are not causing any symptoms they are benign.yes obesity and high lipid level are risk factors for coronoary artery disease,and dibatese.i think he should lose wait more and do change some dietry habbits like low fat diet.rest he should see his doc for expert opinion.
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