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Heart rate elevation

Heart Rate Increases (30M)



Toward the end of November I had a bout of gastroenteritis. Then had a cold about a week later. It wasn’t covid according to 2 rapid tests. I felt pretty much back to normal after that for a week or so and then I noticed my resting heart rate was higher and my heart rate is about 15-20 beats higher across the board (walking, exercising, etc). It’s been like that now for 3 weeks with no improvement. I have taken 12 days off exercising and that didn’t help either. I am a pretty fit individual and do a lot of endurance cycling. To give you an idea, before this I was riding 9hrs a week and I did 8000mi on the bike in 2022. My resting heart rate is typically 48-53bpm. No history of high blood pressure.

I saw my primary care doctor and he did an ekg, electrolyte panel, thyroid, blood count and echocardiogram. All of which were normal.

Sometimes I feel minor short bursts of pain on the left side of my chest but they are mild at best and don’t last for more than a few seconds.

I was referred to a cardiologist but haven’t gotten in yet.

I’m looking for some wisdom here if anyone has an idea what this could be and how to recover from it so I can get back to normal. Thanks!
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Post viral myocarditis fits everything, including the tachycardia.

*******once you add in this, "the sensitivity of electrocardiogram (ECG) for myocarditis is only 47%."

Also, the main focus should be this: "minor short bursts of pain on the left side of my chest"
So then you should read here, esp the the SCD section:

I wouldn't be peddling up any 13 degree hills. I'd be feeling pulse very often looking for irregular beating. Or not ride at all until seeing the cardio.

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The cite for the quote: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5951175/
Okay so if the Echocardiogram is good at detecting that, then what would show myocarditis if I do have that. I don’t have an irregular heart rate according to the Apple Watch ecg’s I’ve taken and just feeling my pulse throughout the day. How long should I stay off the bike?

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