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Heat-triggered "sandblasted" symptom on skin

If you've gone to the beach and witnessed a large gust of wind, you've probably felt how it stings against your bare legs. If you haven't, it's not very fun. When my body heat is too high, I get that same feelings in various parts of my body. It's like an itch, but very intense and annoying. It's caused by things like the sun, being too close to a heater, blushing, and even eating hot wings. All of those involve heat, so I'm assuming that's what causes it. There aren't any visible symptoms on my skin that seem to be linked to this. But I'm very curious about what kind of disease this is and how to get rid of it or lessen it.
Thanks for any help.

P.S. This is a huge problem because I run a music solo project and I won't be able to perform vocals/synth live anymore because I am very sensitive to this disease. That's what makes me think it's more specifically triggered by even slight sweating instead of just plain heat.
But all I can describe that part as, is "being allergic to attention." And THAT is not fun.
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Talk to a dermatologist.
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   Welcome. now several things came to mind as I read your post....Does it EVER happen when you are chilled and does water temp for shower or bath make a difference and what about if and when you have a fever and also is your skin hot or cold to the touch and one thing I would definitely change is the wording....Disease.....In my mind....NO!!   You show symptoms... because as you may know, now days there are syndromes, and that is not a disease....or so they say...Anyway, I know you just want to know so you can control and have some form of control....GREAT...Now...
   Performing, vocals...why would you not be able to?...because of the lights, costume, nerves, now you mentioned one word that made me sit up straight....Allergic, now the trick is to find out to what and I do not think attention is it....I think You are what is considered HYPER-sensitive....but to what....do you perform in clubs and or bars?   The smoke and or the things that people wear such as lotions, sprays, perfumes and as well...when we go to go out...we shower and wash the hair and put on clean clothes.....All those things can activate allergy TYPE symptoms in those that have had toxic chemical exposures....... Another thought is a hyper sensory condition that is in the nerves of the skin and stems from brain chemical release in the hypothalamis and for that you definately need to see a dr....Have you seen a dermatologist or neurologist and maybe even a rheumatologist or allergist.....Alot of thoughts but if you want to elaborate further it may help to zero in on the situation....How is the rest of your health...please keep us informed of your success!!!   Have a wonderful Blessed Day!!!!!     GOD BLESS!!!!!!       loimmarmar
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