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Hello i feel helpless

Hi am 38 female from November 2020 am having these symptoms i did ultrasound mri of abdomen endoscopy xray blood test but nothings found even i i underwent omental infarction surgery as omentum part with excess fat was stuck on small intestines and it wasnt found on scan but doctor suspected it might be the cause for my symptoms so he operated 1 month back and removed omentum part that was stuck on small intestines i was happy thinking its over but since a week again those symptoms have started and am devastated why even after surgery its back?
1-95%it happens when am sitting and make any movement with arms or trunk or stretch legs
2-while sitting the triangle shape of rib i.e epigastric area feels compressed and i pass gas
3-when am sitting and happen to make any movement of torso trunk or legs stretching the stomach feels like pulled and i pass gas
Here passing gas means what we feel when we have bowel urgency i hope the readers can relate what am trying to say.from November i went to 10 doctors all gave gas acidity medicine but its the same my repeated visits made them to think i need psychiatrist even i went to one i feel helpless now as i underwent surgery too yet this is not over plz tel me what should i do? where should i go?

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Can't really tell you, as we're not medical professionals, but here are some things for you to consider.  Sometimes when we take antibiotics or steroidal medications they adversely affect the digestive system by killing off beneficial organisms.  You can try to replenish these if this happened to start at some point after you used such medications by buying the best probiotic from the refrigerated section of your local health food store, and eating foods that are prebiotic, meaning they provide food for these organisms, such as fermented and cultured foods like kim chi, sauerkraut, pickles, miso, etc.  This might help even if you didn't take these meds.  Also, those anti-acidity meds create something called rebound acidity if you take them too often or for too long.  They are only meant to be taken very short term except in the most dire circumstances because of this.  Your stomach must produce acid in order to digest protein and to break down some minerals, and so it will make more if you take things that suppress it.  Thus, rebound acidity.  Most docs don't actually seem to know this or care, and so they keep prescribing them and you keep taking them even though they don't cure any condition but only are meant to treat temporary heartburn, for the most part.  So there's that.  It is very possible you have a digestive problem caused by what you eat, when you eat -- for example, too close to bedtime -- and how much you eat.  Changing your diet and increasing exercise can be of help.  There are also a host of things that can be wrong, such as an intolerance to certain foods or food allergies.  The most common food allergens are wheat and dairy, with soy and corn coming in next, but a person can be sensitive to all kinds of foods.  Too little fiber or too much protein can cause problems as can too much sugar, too many artificial additives in your food, or too much of the wrong kind of fat or too much animal protein other than fish.  If it's really hard to digest for you, it can stick around and cause gas.  It is possible that anxiety can cause this kind of problem as well, as well as the medications used to treat mental problems.  Rather than a psychiatrist, you might think of seeing a psychologist if you truly believe you've exhausted all other ideas for therapy.  You'll know way better than anyone here or your doctors if you think like an anxious or depressed person to an extent that it might affect your digestive system.  There are also many natural remedies that have been used that are much milder in their effect on your body that might help as well, such as digestive enzymes to help break down that poorly digested food or things like DGL, a form of licorice, or aloe vera juice inner filet, or peppermint oil enteric coated capsules.  Gas isn't new, and people have been treating it forever, so there are tons of ways that every culture has developed to help with it.  So when you exhaust doctors, it might be it's a problem you can solve by changing the way you eat and live.  Not everything responds best to allopathic medicine.  Meaning, don't give up, keep trying to fix it.  Peace.
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