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Hey, i have been having these issues for about 4-5 months now,
firsty i felt this weird tingling/unpleasant seansation around my left armpit followed
by pain in the neck/back and occasional numbness in my arms, it was ussually switching on from left, to right,
or both sides. I did some reaserch and found compressed ulnar nerve could be the cause so i did some stretching
and excercise which helped a bit, but neck tightness and pain is still here, i got worried when i started to feel
lightheaded/head preassure and headaches during the day (like 3 months ago), when its worse i also get sore throat and trouble swallowing, now it's kinda better than when it started.

I have no problems sleeping, actually i feel good when i wake up, it gets progresivly worse later, besides this neck problem  i have all 4 wisdom teeth growing out (had surgery on one removing the gum tissue around beacuse it inflammed few times) so i wonder could these sympstoms (lightheadedness) be due to my neck/muscle/nerves problems or could it be related to teeth (doing preassure on sinuses ?)
I am asking for opinion beacuse im not sure should i visit dentist or PT or else??
and if someone had similar issues any comment is more than welcome :)

btw im 21 y old student, im sitting alot and i used to workout before this problems, thank you !
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Hi Postrock

I would guess there could be a couple unrelated things going on here.  The pain you describe (neck, back, numbness in arm) makes me think it could be either shoulder or neck problems ). I have both and initially I thought it was coming from my shoulders. I had surgery on the one shoulder several years prior and I have arthritis and bursitis in both shoulders. Cortisone helped calm them down the first time but didn't work the second time. It didn't work because it was my neck. I forgot I was hit head on which ended up messing up the curvature of my neck and disc to be herniated. I loose feeling in my arms and they get that numbness.  Sometimes I cannot pick my 19 week daughter up and she is only 15 lbs.  I haven't had it fixed yet.   As far as your wisdom teeth and sinuses. It could be related I would think.
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Sorry I pressed send to quick.
I don't know much about that. You could start off by asking your dental office. Chances are if it's related they could tell you. If not, I would see your GP sinus pain and tooth pain can refer the pain elsewhere I think.
Good luck to you. I hope you get the pain relieved.  
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Hey, did you also have pain in upper neck and head becaouse of your neck problem and what is the treatment for that ?

thanks for the reply and good luck to you too
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Yes. The back of my neck and head do hurt. Sometimes above my shoulder blade hurts too if I try to move my arm.  My pain management wants to do steroid injections I'm not a fan of the steroid injections that I had in my back. I had awful pain from those and no relief. I had 2 sets of them. I know some people have great results with them and don't find them painful. The steroid injections I've gotten other places (hand, shoulders) did not hurt like that and they helped me a lot.  I could have the cervical discectomy  but honestly I have had so many surgeries that I just can't stomach the thought of having to go thru all that right now with a 19 week old baby.  It would probably be helpful if you had an MRI or X-rays so they can see if there is something going on. For this kind of stuff you would want to see a neurosurgeon or an orthopedic surgeon that specializes in necks. Not all ortho docs do neck and back surgeries. I hope you can get a diagnosis and treatment soon
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