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Help, please! Is there anything wrong with my bladder / kidneys?

Hello everybody! I am panicking right now so any help would be appreciated, thank you! I'm sorry if this is in the wrong section, or if my grammar is terrible. I truly am. Also, I will try my best to explain what's going on. Thank you so much.

Alright so, at least four days ago I realised that I could no longer feel the sensation to pee in my 'nether regions', it is a really weird feeling. However, I thought of it as nothing at first. And then the second day came and I still couldn't feel when I needed to go to toilet down there.

I know I shouldn't self-diagnosis, but I was curious as to what it was. So, I went and searched it up. What I found just scared me even more. However, none of them really related to me. Are my nerves damaged?

I don't know if there is anything wrong with me, but there has to be something. The day before this happened I was doing fine! However, I do feel pressure in my bladder when it is full. It feels like a bloated stomach would, y'know?

There is no burning, and hardly any pain. I've also noticed that I don't go for as long as I used to. Am I dehydrated? I have to be honest with you, I only just started to drink water a week ago or so. I did drink other beverages though, like Coke and Dr. Pepper.

I get dry mouth sometimes, but that's probably because I keep forgetting to drink. I'm so sorry if this didn't help you at all, I hope it did. Please someone reply! I am really panicking here. Is it renal failure? Am I overreacting and everyone feels this? Or is it just paranoia getting at me? Will this pass?

Any answers are appreciated. Thank you so much again. Oh, and if it helps, I'm a female!

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I think it's just a reduction in sugar and caffeine by drinking more water compared to soft drinks.  An infection would usually cause burning and frequency and discomfort.  You could even see red-colored urine with an infection.  All you would need is to  have your urine checked and the appropriate antibiotic, but it doesn't sound like you have an infection.  I'm not sure what you are so concerned about.  
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Pinch the skin on your arm..if it sticks together even briefly your dehydrated ..also I was like you hardly  drank water mostly soft drinks ..now I drink more water but have to pee more also get ck for kidney stones and your static nerve ..good luck
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Pls get your bloof sugar checked immediately. could be pre diabetes. do u use any drugs,pain killers,or stimultants recently?
stop using and check if you see the differnce.should be apparent in a single day.
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I'm so sorry I didn't respond soon enough!

Thank you so much guys. I'm sorry again because it turns out I wasn't drinking enough. I was panicking badly because I'm terrified of basically anything, haha. Thank you so much again and I'm sorry for responding very late. :-)
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