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Help! Pain on lower right side, underneath rib cage.

I'm 18 years old and female. I'm healthy, five foot four inches and 120lbs.
I smoke, I've been smoking for five years now (trying to quit).
I'm not athletic due to a previous knee injury which has made it to dangerous for me to run.

Three weeks ago I began to have pain in my lower right side whenever I attempted to turn around while sitting, or sleep on my side. It felt a little like it was a rib or underneath my ribs.

Last week I woke up at five in the morning with intense pain, it was so intense I couldn't move and it hurt to breath. It seemed to radiate along my right side and over my rib cage.
I went to the ER where they ran a urine test to check my kidneys.
My kidneys are fine, and I don't have pancritis either according to them.
They suggested I had broken a few ribs but I wouldn't know how I even managed to do that! I don't do anything physically extreme. My most physical activity is playing pool, swimming, or bowling. All of which didn't involve hitting my ribs.

They dismissed kidney stones as well saying their were none.
It's still hurting, it's not unbarable to move or breathe, but it still hurts to breathe a bit, and I can't move as freely.
This morning it felt like it was radiating to my coller bone on my right side. Right now it feels like its my whole lower back.

*Extra info:
I'm not sure if this is important, but I have DD's... They made an indention in my ribs, I don't know if that could've caused this but their definitely a hassle at nine pounds each.
I don't drink or do drugs either. The worst drug I've ever tried is coke and that was two summers ago.
I was taking 300mg of Lithium but I haven't taken it for a year now.

Please help! The doctors at the ER told me to take Advil and it would help. HARDLY! I've been living off of Advil for a week now but I can't do that for forever it's bad for you. I need something to ask my doctor to test for.
Thank you!
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Have they checked your gallbladder and appendix? Your young so they may have overlooked it. Are you having any nausea? If you had broken ribs you would without a doubt know it. I believe gallbladder problems are hard to diagnose sometimes. It took my cousin months before they discovered her problem. When they took her gallbladder out is was enlarged and inflamed. Even though her test were negative. Pain is a indicator that something is wrong. Keep looking for another Dr. until you get one that can help.In the mean time stay away from fatty foods.Good luck.
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Hi have they done bloods for a full liver profile.
This is a large internal organ which sits under the right rib cage also.
Have they done an ultrasound of the gallbladder, to check for gallstones?
Hope this helps, and maybe you can ask your doctor to send you for an ultrasound and do the bloodtests.
Good luck
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It is possible that you are experiencing inflammation of your gallbladder or even gallstones. You should see your doctor and ask for a gallbladder ultrasound.  If it is very low right pain, you should have your appendix or ovary checked, although Im not sure that they cause pain in your rib cage.  I recommend a gallbladder ultrasound and if you end up back in the ER before you see your family doctor, insist on this test because they can do it at the hospital.  Im really surprised they didnt do this test the last time you were there. Take care and I hope you feel better soon.
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I am referring to my cousin who had a similar problem as BreatheHopeinMe. But the answer is yes. They did a full Blood profile, ultrasound and they did a test where they IV drip a medication to make the gallbladder think it's had a full fatty meal. She had a total hysterectomy years earlier. Her only symptoms were pain in the upper rt. abdomen just below the ribs that radiated to her rt. shoulder and nausea. Especially after a fatty meal. She finally found a surgeon who could tell by palpitating the area that it was inflamed. There were no stones, just inflammation and just starting to become infected. He said it should have been removed months earlier. She is well now but tries to eat low fat diet.
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An ESR blood test is a indicator of inflammation in the body/
Gall bladder illness, usually the pain goes in the shoulder, scapula pain.
I would say if its bothering then go back to the ER because its sounds like they havent done enough to find out the cause.
Good luck
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Well, I don't get nausous, it just seems to contiune aching which is causing me to live off of Advil like it's candy.
I'm going in to a doctor to have them look at my gallbladder, I hope that's what it is or that they can find the cause fast.
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I am glad your going to the Dr.. All those Advil can't be good for your stomach. Be persistent.
Keep us posted. :-)
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Of course, thank you for the help everybody. I hope they can find the cause, it's really uncomfortable to walk like a hunch back because standing is to painful on you're collar bone.
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