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Help fix me please:(

I have been having a multitude of symptoms for the past 4 moths with no real answer of relief/cure.It started with heart palps in the middle of the night. I had a holter monitor, echo cardiogram, EKGs, blood test's, and X Ray. All came back normal and i was diagnosed with Anxiety which led me to have panic attacks in my sleep, no fun. So i took that diagnosis and ran with it. It has since stopped racing and is fine. Within a few days of that symptom ending i noticed a small round black and blue on either side of my torso. I developed pain and it traveled around and up into my sternum area. I have had pain on and off, problems getting a full breath, and chest ligament noise. Weird i know. I have taken Ibuprofen for it and it really didn't do much but make me sleepy and mildly take the edge off of the pain. I have aches now still in my chest. I cannot sleep properly as when i wake up my sternum pops and chest aches for about 2 hours and limits my flexibility. I sleep on my back because i cannot sleep on my side or stomach anymore.I was diagnosed with MS 3 years ago but haven't had any complications or symptoms. Misdiagnosed? I don't know. I just want answers and the ones i have gotten ( anxiety and costochondritis) don't seem to match my symptoms. Please help! Thank you.
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One thing I have found is that people who use Splenda have heart palpitations. When they stop, the palpitations stop.
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I wish that was the answer.I drank alot of Chai from Starbucks and since have stopped.I dont drink soda, coffee, or candy anymore.Thank you for your reply.
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