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Help me with this

I know the internet isn't a good place to get diagnosed,  but I want to get some reference and know if people here feeling the same way. So lets start with my symptoms.

I am 28 years old.

I am getting some sort of pressure in my neck, more precisely in the backside. It is not like pain at all , it is more like a bad feeling of something pushing sometimes I feel burning,  I don't know how to explain, but when this happens this sensation leave me feeling very unwell.
Like when I wake up in the morning I'm all ok, then I go and sit in front of computer, 20 minutes later I am feeling heaviness in neck/head area, the whole body goes bad, like I lose sort of 40% of equilibrium. If I stay sitted I have to fight with this thing in my head, I can't feel comfortable anymore,  also I feel the joints of my feet hurting.
If I stay standard still my head sways, I feel like will fall in agony.
I am taking antibiotics for a lung infection so I don't know If this is side effects related, it is like the nerve of something inside neck or head is making me feeling unwell, like I said, it is not like a sharp pain but something making me feel miserable.
At this moment  I'm feeling bad, I'm laying down in my bad fighting to get rid of this  , the pressure makes me feeling like the gravity is pushing me.

Other symptoms when this happens

Eyes feels heavy to see, dizzy
Trembling, shaking
Neck tightness
Dizziness, disequilibrium
Problems to walk
Burning feeling in my neck
Feeling my head will fall to one side

When this happens it leaves me very anxious,  i can't go outside alone because feels heavy or lightheadedness.
I made an appointment to EEG of the head forget to make a neck scan
When I touch the neck areas from behind I feel a lump in the right side but kinda feels movable or "clickable "  
I don't wish this to anybody, sometimes I prefer pain than this.
This feeling leaves me bad , I have lost confidence, staying in bed seems to get some relief but something even staying in bed I can't relax

I'm very tired of all this,  I go to medical everytime to check lungs but when I mention all ths they say it is side effects of antibiotics,  but I can't stand it anymore.  The infection seems controlled because they took xrays and I stopped coughing and spitting blood. I am gaining weight right now. But I want to get rid off this miserable feeling

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You don't say what kind of lung infection.  Could you have covid?  More than one test would be necessary to know for sure.  And yes, antibiotics can produce a lot of side effects for two reasons.  One is many have problems taking certain antibiotics.  Two is antibiotics kill off the good guys along with the bad, as they kill indiscriminately, and that can give you all sorts of problems, including immune system problems, other problems taking advantage of the weakness produced by antibiotics, digestive problems, etc.  One way to try to deal with some of this is to go to the refrigerated section of the best health food store in your area and buy a multi-spectrum probiotic.  Might help.  Keep taking it for a while after you stop the antibiotics.  But it could also be caused by that computer or your cell phone.  A lot of problems in the neck are caused by poor posture with those who spend a lot of time using cell phones and computers.  Another possible problem is that some people develop sensitivity to computer screens.  The problem with the kind of problems you're experiencing is that it could be a whole lot of things.  If it stops when you're able to stop the antibiotics, you'll know it was that.  If it doesn't, it still might be what the antibiotics did to you besides what you wanted it to do.  That will take some time to fix with probiotics, healthy eating and building back your beneficial organisms and just getting over the side effects.  If it's your posture, you'll have to learn how to fix that.  If it's the screen, you'll have to learn how to fix that.  If this continues and none of your doctors has an answer, find better docs, or find different kind of docs, such as those who practice natural medicine and might be more attuned to such things.  Wish I could help you with what you have, but as you said, the internet is a bad place for diagnosis.  
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I got tuberculosis,  my immune system got weak then I got this disease
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Last time I went outside waiting in line I was agonizing with this silenced feeling in my head body, always fightingagainst something pushing me to the ground, facial heaviness,  eyesight seems difficult to focus on a fixed spot.
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