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Help with diagnosis of symptoms from anyone...

Part 1
1977 - 1989  Bronchitis w/pluracy only from August to March(allergies).
1983 - diagnosed first time with anemia (10.0)
1983 - Muscle spasms.
1983 - Abnormal periods
      (lasted as long as a month, sometimes none- always heavy.  Gyno dr put me on birth control pills to regulate periods.)
1986 - Muscle Spasms - Lasting as long as three days.
1988 - Abnormal bleeding and pain (told by med students I had  
1991 - January, First miscarriage; DNC.
1991 - September, pregnant.
1991 - December, Told I had preeclampsia
       (high blood pressure, headaches, a lot of swelling,
        protein in urine, etc.)
1992 - January, hospitalized with kidney stones.
1992 - May, Induced labor, baby girl that was stressed.
1992 - June, gallstones, gallbladder removed.
1992 - August, had problems w/weight gain/tired; dr checked thyroid - a little hyperthyroid.
1995 - Muscle Spasms.
1996 - Problems with low blood sugar.
1996-1999 Problems containing bowel movements.
1997 - Problem with heavy bleeding; Gyno found a lot of cysts on ovaries; did laparoscopy and DNC; said he found endo on colon- received depo lupron shot (caused periods to stop for a year instead of 3 months).
1997 - diagnosed with Type II diabetes.
1999 - Had to stop working because I was so tired that I could not hold my head up; had massive headaches; gained 150 pounds.
1999 - new gyno dr put me on birth control pills to try and regulate periods.
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HELP, Part 2

2002 - December, mom made me go to hospital because my lymph nodes were swollen, told to go to clinic (no insurance at that time).
2004 - March, Miscarriage, hormone level took a week and a half to go down (No DNC, almost had surgery for tubal).
2004 - July, hospitalized with numbness on right side of body, Ana was really high, checked heart (told looked really god); anemic (6.4) given blood transfusion; checking for Lupus.
2004 - August, kidney stones (so calcified they showed up on x-ray).
2004 - September, pregnant.
2004 - October, pain so severe in right hip, could hardly walk, told it was ligament pain; Glucose tolerance test done, referred to endocrinologist for insulin.
2005 - February, increased pain, hard to breathe, sugar levels out of control.
2005 - March, referred to high-risk OBGYN at IU Med Ctr who changed insulin, did a lot of blood work, gave meds for thrombosis; Later in month passed out, told it was due to blood sugar dropping and dehydration, given blood transfusion because hemoglobin again dropped to below 7.0; hospitalized a second time (passed out), hemoglobin dropped again below 7.0.
2005 - April, dr began giving iron transfusions every couple of weeks, heparin injections every day and insulin injections.
2005 - May 6, labor induced, epidural given which never worked.
2005 - May 7, Emergency C-section due to low heart rates.
2005 - May 9, told would have to remain hospitalized because hemoglobin was dropping, C-scan was done and showed no bleeding internally.
2005 - May 10, Blood transfusion was started. Two blood transfusions given plus iron transfusion.
2005 - July, x-ray done due to numbness in left leg and pain in right hip, showed ruptured disc and a couple of bulging discs, vertebrae were rubbing on eachother.
2005 - August, lymph nodes swollen again.
2005 - September, hospitalized, lost control of bladder and bowel movements, numbness in left leg, severe pain in lower left back and right hip, given steroid epidural.
2005 - November, back surgery by neurosurgeon; hemoglobin 10.5.
2006 - January, sick with some sort of respiratory illness; hemoglobin hovering between 8.0 and 9.5.
2006 - February, still sick; stop coughing, but increased pain in back and muscle spasms which have continued the whole time become severe, put on flexoril; dr says blood test shows Ana is higher than back in August, wants to refer to a Rheumo dr.
2006 - March, rheumatologist says Ana is elevated higher than it was before and show white cells in urine; ER Visit hospitalized for severe pain in chest (I figured it was another ulcer, no check on gastro); hemoglobin was 11.5 when admitted, after given fluids dropped to 8.0); told that I have too many problems and that I probably have arthritis in my chest, given celebrex, nexium, skolaxin, hydrocodone, and nausea med.

Currently having muscle spasms in left arm, left leg/foot (SEVERE); chest pain (probably arthritis in chest); twitching in left side of body; right hip pain; I can not sleep...  keep waking up every fifteen minutes with difficulty breathing, very hot; have had problems with confusion for about a month (keep losing things); have tightness in throat like I pulled a muscle near my shoulders; numbness on top of left foot, up calf, behind left knee.  Most of this is only on left side of body...  there is a little spasm in my right foot, nothing like in my left foot.  Any help greatly appreciated.

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Have you ever received any type of diagnosis for the high ANA, and major symptoms? Lupus is one possibility (you can have it with no rash ever), as is scleroderma (sine sclerosis type if you have no major skin problems). There are 80 different autoimmune diseases, any of which can attack multiple body systems. You say that in 1991 it was your 1st m/c, and that with your pg in 2004 you got heparin shots. Did you have more m/c between? How many? Did anyone ever tell you that you have APS (antiphospholipid antibody syndrome)?
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has any one ever mentioned lyme or ms, i have alot of similair symptoms and feel like i have ms. your symptoms seem alot longer than mine, i hope you feel better soon.i am still going dr to dr looking for help.
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Have you been tested for Hepatitis C? Many of your symptoms could be attributed to Hep C. Type II diabetes also can be a result of chronic Hep C as can RA. Please get tested if you haven't been aready to rule out Hep C. It is a simpe bood test and is often misdiagnosed or missed competely. Your degenerating spine problems can aso be caused by Hep C. Pease get tested to rule it out. Good luck.
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