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Help with undiagnosed symptoms for past 5 Years!

I have been experiencing the following symptoms for the past 5 years:

1. Mild weakness
2. Brain Fog
3. Weird infections
4. Muscle Atrophy
5. General sick feeling
6. Floating Stools

I have had 10 EMG's, NCV's, normal blood work, all Rheum. Doc blood tests normal. Brain MRI's, Lumbar, Cervial, and Thoracic. All normal.

Had a lumbar puncture to check CSF - Protein was high (71 - Range 15-45), rare monocytes and lymphocytes.
Had a muscle biopsy that showed mild acute and chronic denervation.

Have been to Mayo, Jax and Rochester, University of Miami. All say the same thing. Nothing's wrong.
But, my muscles keep shrinking and I am tired of getting the run around because the medical establishment cannot diagnose my condition. UDN has declined to take up my file.

I have been tested for syphilis - negative. Brain MRI's neg.

Please help if you can. I am trying to determine what else this could be.
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In the presence of low white blood cells in the CFS, the high protein count indicates a compromised blood brain barrier,  without suspicion of a bacterial infection.

In order to strengthen the BBB, look into Methylocobalamin B12 and Methylfolate, which would potentially be necessary to supplement with, if you have some form of malabsorption issues or genettic predisposition.
B12 plays a role in healthy muscle innervation/cognitive function and standard blood tests will return normal cobalmin B12 levels, when your bioactive levels (methylocobalamin B12 ) could be low in the absence of  Intrinsic Factor ( a factor necessary for B12 conversion, missing when gastric acid levels are low).
You need an MMA test to find out your  methylobalamin and methylfolate levels.

Your floating stools indicate either excess gas producing foods or more likely in your case, fat malabsorption , which could affect  fat-soluble vitamin status, A,D,E and K , hormonal production and nervous system function. Must rule out low Vitamin D -25(OH)D test and verify gallbladder fuction as well as lipase levels. just in case it was missed in previous testing.

Mitochondial impairment could be another area to look into, however, I would first rule out the aforementioned possibilities.

Just my educated opinion and not a substitute for medical advice.

Best wishes,

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