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Hip Pain, nausea, low vit d, high PTH, fatigue, vertigo mess!

Hi I nearly passed out 2 years ago now so had a check up.  My vit D was 19 so through the floor.  After that and putting me on vit d tablets I suffered and was diagnosed with vertigo.  This has remained and the vit d levels fluctuate.  Along with this I had lower body pains.  Usually ankles, thighs and hips.  They come and go, but the hip on my left side persisted until my right side took over last week and it is unbelievablly painfully.  When you lie on it, it feels like you have the worse bruising is the only way to describe it.  My periods have always been painful and very very heavy.  I have had treatment a few times for this.  I have a noise in my left ear when I lie on my right side so I cannot hear out of it.  Like TV interference.  I now suffer what I call relaspes now where I cannot cope with day to day life.  The rest of the time I live through it and bear it but I am sure my Husband wants to replace me soon, I feel such a burden. Please help anyone!!!!
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I have had the same things happen.I was told the vertigo was caused by allergies(allergy tests said high grass and dust allergy)plus benign positional vertigo and post herpatic neuralgia..I also have static in my left ear plus slight hearing loss in both.
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Have you been checked for autoimmune diseases. I have hashimoto's and am being tested for lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, graves and some others. All of these can cause fatigue, hair loss, vitamin deficiencies pain in joints, muscle weakness, ringing in ears and many more. I would suggest you look up autoimmune disorder symptoms and see if they fit you. If they do a simple blood test will show the problem. Best of luck to you.

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Butcher some natural-organic-purified-no toxic compound chickens.
Then crack the bone into pieces with bear hands and eat all of the clean bones. There is plenty of nutrition in the bones. Also, removing plaque by using mouthwash and dentist tools. Rest more. Add some fiber and vitamin C.
Lastly, check with a doctor about the health impact of some popular designer drugs and avoid them.  
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Since PTH is high and vitamin D is low, get serum calcium levels assessed. You probably have hyperparathyroidism and nee an endocrine specialist for its correction.
Secondary hyperparathyroidism results from excess secretion of parathyroid hormone (PTH) in response to low blood calcium levels due to any cause (especially seen in patients with chronic renal failure). Often there is hypertrophy of the parathyroid glands. Malabsorption of calcium due to malabsorption syndromes, chronic apancreatitis, short bowel syndrome and following gastric bypass surgery also causes secondary hyperparathyroidism.
Do discuss this with your doctor and get yourself examined. Take care!
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