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Hip injury that still damages the body after 3 years, help!


I am injured my hip 3 years ago. Most doctors just told me to "work out and strenghten my body" and that has led me to a kind of life-changing situation that gets worse and worse.

Here we go (and note that this is a really shortened version, I’ve written a long one and it’s approx 11 A4 papers).
In september 2020 I tried to go and do some thaiboxing for a couple of days. I had never tried that before. Most of the sessions were kicking sessions. As you may now, in thai boxing when you kick, you use one leg as the “kicking” leg and the other one as “standing/support leg”, which you “twist” to gain momentum.
During the final session I did, after “hardcore-kicking” for a couple of days, I felt a “click” in the supporting hip while kicking. It didn’t hurt and I could finish the session.

Although when I got home and was going into bed, I felt an extreme, sharp pain in my hip – it lasted for only 1 second, but it was so sharp that I almost screamed out loud.

From that day, my body started to behave differently –
- I suddenly got knee pains after sleeping or short walks.
- I could feel the same sharp pain in my hip while going out from the car, going on my bike etc.
- But most important of all – for my whole life I’ve had, maybe 1-3 times per year, a really sharp, breathtaking pain on the upper edge of my pelvis at my back (area around L3-L4ish). It lasted 1-2 seconds and appeared mostly directly after going out from the car while driving for a looong time. Basically after sitting for longer periods with knees above hip level (please remember the car drives since I think this is important).
From the day of the hip injury, that pain started to appear maybe once a week and it could be after 10-minute drives. But not only after cardrives, it started to appear aswell when laying down in bed (during laying my weight on my back).

I ignored all this for 1-2 months since all of it weren’t frequent, but since it didn’t seem to get better by “waiting it out” I started to go to the doctors. MRI and X-ray didn’t show anything.

I got sent to do physiotherapy. I could also basically function pretty normally in life, I worked at out the gym in my usual routine together with the physiotherapy, although I felt all the time that the injured leg didn’t work exactly as it always has – as if the groin now worked extremely much more than it usually did to compensate for other parts that didn’t work properly, for example during squats or while using stairs.

The months went by and I continued with the physio. The pain pattern with sitting in car, going of bikes etc was completely unchanged.

One time I was sitting in a car for 4 hours. When I went out, I expected to feel the same sharp pain in my back/back of pelvis as usual – but I felt nothing and that made me surprised.
When I got into bed that day and lied down on my back, I experienced the “after sitting in a car pain”, although it was so extremely intense that my whole body jerked. It literally felt like a knife is being thrust into that area. After the pain subsides, I try to sleep.
However, when I lie on my left side, something happens: my entire core area starts making sounds, like it's "cracking," and it feels like tendons, muscles, and the entire structure are "cramping/rearranging." I'm not exactly sure what to do, so my first instinct is not to put weight on that side, so I roll onto my right side. The same thing happens again – tendons, muscles, and the whole core start "cramping" and "cracking," and it feels like the entire structure is changing. From that day onwards, all forms of pain around ischias/L3 and the knee in connection to car rides or bedtime/mornings cease.

Also from approximately that moment my movement pattern changes – I start to bend differently, I walk differently etc. It’s like the whole center of gravity of my body changed.
After a couple of days, during a workout session I strained my hip/groin/core and I started to get a twitch/muscle spasm in my leg (an orthopedist later diagnosed it that it was the piriformis muscle that got pinched). After a couple of weeks, the twitch/muscle spasm started to spread to my groin muscles, and it could be extremely powerful (it was strong – If I would film it it looked like something from the movie Exorsist, this was not normal. Could take me a while to fall asleep because of that, my whole core/groin area could literally jump strongly to any direction). Note that this occurred in 90% of times while lying down and trying to relax my body while trying to sleep.

I changed physiotherapist. I did several MRI scans of my back and of my hip. Nothing showed anything that any medical professional reacted at to be done anything about.

Approximately 6 months after the twitch/strong muscle spasm in my leg and groin started, after doing a really careful physio for a couple of months, the twitch/muscle spasm suddenly lost at least 50 % of it’s power. But just approximately a week after, another symptom started: waves of tingling in my penis. A couple of days after, tingling in my butt and loss of sensation in legs started. Several visits to emergency rooms were done, but everyone said that everything is fine.

That was January 2022.
Since that, I’ve lost a lot of sensation in my penis, my bladder and bowels are working worse and worse. I can get a period of super hyperactivity in my bladder for a couple of weeks/days and after that I loose a couple of percent of feeling the need to go to the toilet. More loss of sensation in penis sometimes follows. I barely feel my bowel right now and I go to do nr 2 on the toilet often because I remember to, or because I felt a small, small sensation of needing to go to the toilet. Emptying the bowel or/and bladder can be pretty challenging at times.

It has kind of gotten out of hand that I don’t really have so many positions where I don’t provoke the bladder/genitalias/bowels symptom.
BUT, what is the most important: in the beginning, all of these symptoms were provoked by exactly the positions as the “car sitting pain” was. My thought is -> Hip injury makes back weaker -> I get a lot of pains that I’ve had since birth in my back around genitalia nerves -> It gets so weak so it “breaks” and “heals” in a wrong way ( the time where my core “rearranged itself”). -> muscles behave strangely for a couple of months in that area, implying that something is pinched (twitch/muscle spasm) ->
when muscles stops to twitch, these symptoms start.

Since that, I’ve been to two other physiotherapist (4 in total), I’ve done numerous of MRI scans, been to an neurologist, urologist, urotherapist, 2 ostepaths. NO ONE can explain what’s going on and everyone says that from their point of view everything is fine. All physiotherapy makes it worse. Actually, just laying down and making the smallest adjustment of my lower back activates some hypeactivity in my bladder.

I am going to do an MRI-scan in 2 weeks of my groin area aswell where I experienced the “after car pain”, since that area starts to actually hurt a bit (in a completely different way than it did in the beginning though).

The hip injury was never recovered. I still feel weak in that leg and the pain comes and goes. But honestly, if ONLY the pain was the problem, I would have learned to live with this long time ago, since I barely have any pain, it is really rare.

Please, if anybody have any idea – help!

PS. I have a 11 pages long version of this where I go through my symptoms in chronological order and extreme detail. If you want, I can send it to you.
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Cannot edit, but I meant "pelvis" instead of groin a couple of times.
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Sounds like you have Pudendal Nerve Entrapment Syndrome which explains the “after sitting in the car pain” as well as your other symptoms. That was some kick!
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Thanks. Will check that out. I actually got that tip before from an osteopath, but then my doctor didn't want to continue to inestigate it, since it's "rare"..
After 3 years of suffering it’s time to rule this out. I have numerous rare conditions actually. Rare is my normal lol.

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