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Hospitalised for 2 weeks, unknown explanation

My ex partner (father of my son) has been in hopsital for 2 weeks, what started off as a broken rib (had a rash/brusing in area, pain and a fever) came back after tests as no broken rib and high infection markers. This was 2 weeks ago, in 2 weeks (he's still in hopsital) drs still have no idea what's wrong with him - several blood tests done. He's still unwell (on general ward) had some treatment on Friday (I'm aware on what this was) he's communicating and eating, although weak. I'm starting to think this is to do with mental health, if after 2 weeks they still do not know what it is, would they discharge with further tests pending
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When you say his 'infection markers,' do you mean that he has a high white-blood cell count? If that remains high, they would be less likely to discharge him than to give him antibiotics and do tests to see if the antibiotics are working, and tests for whatever caused the infection. Have they narrowed it down to an infection or are they suspicious he has a disease?
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I have no idea, I've been blocked from finding anything out, that's why I'm on here. Yes, his white cell count is high, they gave AB on first day, I'm unsure if he's had anymore. I received a call from a Dr a week ago asking me 'what happened in the days leading up to him becoming sick' I'm assuming to build a picture, they couldn't get any info from him a he was 'too unwell' however on the first day he was admitted he told me he was feeling better and  was able to have a shower, then 4 days later he goes down hill. All I know is they have no idea what's wrong with him, but they are treating him, I'm assuming with pain killers etc. If there was something serious surely it would be glaringly obvious?
It sounds like the doctor was trying to decide if he was exposed to someone who was sick, or possibly to some kind of toxin, or if he got physically harmed.

Anyway, ex partners don't have the legal right to ask hospitals for information about their ex, that is true. Unless he can talk to you on the phone and feels like telling you what's going on, you aren't going to be able to ask.

If your main question was whether he will be discharged if he is still sick, no. They will keep trying to figure out what is wrong with him. They will discharge him if he gets better.
Thank you for your answer. I'm assuming it could be a range of things, he did have really bad stomach pains about 6weeks ago, potentially ibs/ibd I'm thinking. But I suppose I'll just have to wait and see if he feels like telling me, depending on tests I'm expecting him to be there for a few more weeks.
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