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How can I find out what's wrong with me?

My story is a bit of a long one, so I'll try to keep it short but keep important details.
It all started in high school, general fatigue and what I assumed was anxiety. So I went to my doctors office, told them what I thought, and that was that. They diagnosed me with generalized anxiety disorder without any further questions or testing. Since then my symptoms have gotten worse and more wide spread. I've tried bringing them up in appointments with my family doctor, but get shrugged off and told bandaid fixes like "drink more water". I've taken all the vague advice they've given me with no relief from my symptoms. I was recently diagnosed from a social worker with socialized anxiety disorder, rather than GAD.
I recently made an appointment to get to the bottom of things, because no one should feel this sick all of the time regardless of mental health, but my doctor upon seeing my list of symptoms I made to make things easier, told me that he didn't have time for that. My doctor also tried to tell me I was making things up because of my anxiety, but I can be anxiety free for days and still have all of these symptoms, no one should feel this sick. I left feeling defeated and like I will never get the help I need, or even some basic tests done to rule things out.
I had basic blood work done while I was seeing a dietician to gain weight and everything came back normal.
I've had chest X-rays and echocardiograms done for my chest pain and dizziness, everything came back again, normal.
That's the extent of my tests, none of which have been referred from my family doctor. So what can I do? I'm located in Canada, so my family doctor is my main way of receiving help besides the ER, and both the doctors at my disposal have shrugged me off as an annoyance. I just want to figure out why I feel so sick, and work on feeling better.

For anyone interested or who may be able to provide some insight:

List of symptoms: (ongoing for years, but most newer within the last couple of years)
Poor sleep
Headaches (6+per month)
Diarrhea and horrible stomach cramps, usually brought on by stress and hormone changes
Muscle cramps, twitches, and weakness
Numbness, pins and needles usually in extremities and face, but not limited to them
Aches, especially in my left rib cage, and lower right abdomen, but again not limited to those areas
Skin problems, light rashes, painful goosebumps, itchy and dry, all of which gets worse with any kind of heat
Hot flashes with prickling skin sensation and excessive sweating, will go from feeling very hot to very cold in a matter of minutes
Ears will get red and very hot to the touch
Blurred vision, almost like looking through a cloud
All sorts of palpitations
Dry mouth
Easily bruised, unexplained bruising
Head fog and memory problems
Weird sensations in the throat, like the feeling of a thumb being pressed down or a cold sensation.

Thank you for reading, and any advice you may be able to offer.
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