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I quit smoking 6 days ago. The anxiety is unbelievable and since I have stopped smoking I am having terrible hypochondriac spells like my teen years. I suffered silently then and I mentally lived many slow painful deaths in my life. Remember flesh eating disease? I "died of that" when it came out.  Aids, cancers, purposeful amputations.. poor kid. My mind just wouldn't stop and emotionally it may have been MORE intense than real life illness because I had no shock shield.

I have a swollen gland in my neck, swollen for a year. Now that I quit smoking it tingles and aches and I feel it all the time. The doctor touched it once and ignored it.

How do I even get my doctor to help me with my neck and the hypochondriac spells? When obviously one will cancel out the other!  I feel a blood clot in my leg too. I don't know how I am gonna get help for the sickness I feel and the hypochondria at once.
(without me getting frustrated because he doesn't take me seriously, so he diagnoses me with borderline personality disorder for being a pain of a female patient.)

If you'd like more on my hypochondriac spells, they are so bad lately. I think am going to die all the time, and I feel real pain. I cry really scared and can't distract myself.  I have the creeps all day.  The blood clot I feel moves sometimes, I freak out that it's headed for my heart.. The panic about  Buergers disease because my knees hurt so bad when I stand. I probably got some circulatory thing. Itchy moles, I worry about skin cancer...
Anyway how do I get help with my neck and the hypochondria without him ignoring my neck? I want help for all of it ideally but my neck lump could be really advanced lung cancer.
I asked here because I'd also like to know if anyone thinks it is cancer.
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