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I am falling apart!

I am 26F, and have recently had blood in my stool and in the bowl without a stool.  I am not overweight (135lbs 5'8") no history of colon cancer in the family, though I have had a sensitive stomach most my life, therefore I try to eat relatively healthy.  (Greens, whole wheat everything, very little red meat, etc.) I also get a decent amount of fiber everyday.  I have had this issue for over a month and a half now (many times daily blood will be in my stool every stool, or if I don't need to have a bowel movement, there will still be blood approx 1 -3 tsp or more each time)  I have seen a doctor and they want to do a colonoscopy, though it won't be for another 2 weeks.  I get headaches 7+ times daily or so that really hurt but only last a few min., and I am not a headache person.  I get nauseated often now, so much it makes it hard to eat.  I've lost weight about 5-6 lbs (it goes up and down a lot now).  I am dizzy all the time.  And now I feel like I have a cold(just sore throat and a cough nothing else), even though I've done everything I can to try to stay healthy!  I work out everyday, eat right, get 8+ hours of sleep, drink fluids all day (juice or water only).  Please help!  What should I be doing, liek should I take it easy and not work out anymore, should I change my diet further?  I can't take anymore sickness!
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I would try a low residue diet.  Just google low residue diet.  This diet should help reduce intestinal irritation.  Normally, the diet you follow now is great because it cleans the intestines out, but with your problem, not such a good idea at this time.  Keep your activity easy until all of this is sorted out.  

Sounds like you are anemic as well (headaches, dizziness).  I would guess you have some type of colitis (blood in the stool, lower GI bleeding, weight loss) versus colon cancer based on your age.

Any labs ordered by your PCP/Family Physician?  He/she should order at least CBC, CMP and Iron Panel labs (checking your red count. Iron, electrolytes, etc.)  
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you should go and see your doctor...it sounds like a olyser...don't eat salty or sour or spicy.... and you can get a olyser from stress...brittany
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In the short term, the diet tips at HelpForIBS.com may help reduce the irritation to your system - I'm not sure but it may be similar to the low residue diet mentioned by the first poster. As they said, things like insoluble fiber can be very irritating to an already inflamed system (also, dairy, fat, caffeine, alcohol, red meat..).

The colonoscopy is a good next step. There are a number of things more likely than cancer - various forms of colitis, as well as Celiac disease.  I'd also like to know what labs your doctor ordered. They should've checked for Celiac, I'd hope. You might want to ask if they can do an endoscopy at the same time - since you're going under and already doing the prep, it's a lot easier to do a 2-in-1.  An endoscopy would allow them to check for acid reflux damage (possibly the cause of your sore throat & cold-like symptoms), and they could perform biopsies to check for Celiac damage (which can occur even in the absence of a positive blood test).

Ginger tea or capsules can be very effective for nausea. Chamomile & fennel teas can also help. If you're concerned about getting veggies, you might want to try pureeing them in a soup or in smoothies to make them more digestible.  I'd avoid dairy as much as possible, but you can use raw cashews or banana to make a creamy smoothie. I'd avoid things like protein bars or powders (which I tried when I was losing weight) - the protein isolates mimic MSG & can over-stimulate a sensitive system. (actually, when I cut all MSG-like substances out of my diet, I got almost immediate relief. Your symptoms are certainly different than mine, but I think it could still hold true.)

I hope you find your answers with the colonoscopy! (You may want to look online for tips on getting through the prep - I've seen a lot of helpful advice around). Please post back what you find out - you could end up helping someone else in a similar spot.
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Thanks so much, I didn't really think about changing my diet to be less stress on my stomach as you are always just told "eat more fiber blah blah" I will try this in the mean time and slowly change my diet.  I do have lab tests ordered for anemia (not sure of which they ordered just to be tested for it).  I will also ask about the endoscopy, though wouldn't I notice if I had acid reflux other than the sore throat?
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About the acid reflux, I'd say it's not a major concern, but you can have "silent" reflux without heartburn. It may be worth asking the doc about but probably not something to be too concerned with.
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In my opinion, all your symptoms are lower GI, NOT upper GI (i.e. Reflux).  The Colonoscopy would be the most appropriate in relation to your symptoms.

Keep us posted.
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I'm with Londres.

My vote is for anemia, secondary to either a low hematocrit or low iron.

The rectal bleeding is from hemorhoids.

This kind of bleeding can end up being very serious.

As the anemia develops the system becomes prone to all kinds of infections.

You really need blood labs. Your hematcrit is likely below 30.

I doubt if you will need a colonoscopy, but they usually do that.

You HAVE to see a physician. No if, and or but.

A person leaking blood can have the hematocrit drop to 15 or 16, which is life-threatening.

The treatment is an immediate blood transfusion.

Thenh surgery to take care of the hemorhoids.
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