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I am having Chronic Vomiting and Nausea for the last 2 years, nothing diagnosed.

Gender: Female

- Vomiting after every meal (sometimes after 5 – 10 mins), aggravated due to liquid intake
- Sometimes empty stomach vomiting
- Consistent nausea
- Lack of sleep
- Fatigue and body aches
- Internal Shivering, tremors
- Excessive Vaginal farting
- Lack of concentration, no focus
- Severe memory problems
- Recently started getting a new symptom of having heavy head before and during vomiting
- Consistent heavy head and headache
- Sometimes when extremely unwell, I have to put a lot of effort to think and speak. I feel hindered in speaking

I have consulted many doctors i.e. psychologist, psychiatrist, gynecologist, general physician, gastroentologist. They have tried their best to treat and diagnose but unfortunately there is no success. This all started after 4 months of my first child birth.

Please review it and suggest. I shall be grateful.
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HAve you been scoped? I have gastroparesis which contributed to my vomiting for years. Its where your stomach empties at a slower rate causing bacteria build up. I have to eat small frequent meals. no heavy creams , cooked vegetables, raw upsets my stomach,. I also have many of your symtpoms. We are in the same boat
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Did you see an endocrinologist?  Had a very thorough thyroid check, which docs don't generally do?  That means getting tested for you actual thyroid hormones, not just Tsh.  I have no idea personally and your doctors know a lot more than anyone here, but a lot of it does go along with a malfunctioning thyroid.  Or not.
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Thanks alot for responding.
I have only undergone TSH thyroid test and it was fine. no I have not seen endocrinologist yet.
That's not a thyroid test, so you have not yet had a test of your thyroid.  You don't need to see an endocrinologist to get a test of your T3 and T4, you can ask you regular doc to do it as well.  
You can get a thyroid test on your normal blood work.  Have your gp request it. THS tests do measure the hormone and give insight but they can dig deeper. Not sure this is thyroid though.  
ok I will go for it then. does thyroid malfunctioning lead to heavy head and spinning also?
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