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I been feeling strange for a while.

I'll start off by saying I'm a 17yo male. I used to smoke weed. I started at 15 and just recently quit when I started feeling sick, so I've had a sort of haziness in the brain that I'm  guessing  is a result of smoking. On New Year's, I had some nasty frozen taquitos, 1 beer, and a lot of coffee. I ended  up staying  up till probably 8am that morning. At around 7am, I  was watching How It's Made when I got a strong feeling like I was going to vomit. I went and sat  in the bathroom and never threw up. I just sat there, and I started shivering uncontrollably. No other symptoms, just nausea, cold, and shivering. So I started up the bath to warm up, fell asleep for a few minutes, woke up and went to bed, still  feeling kind of sick. That was the last I felt of that until about two weeks later. I was sitting in geometry  then I started to feel like everything around me felt fake, then a wave of nausea hit me, then I started shivering and  feeling extremely cold again. I went to the nurse and tried to get home, but my mom was out of town so I just took a nap and went to class, feeling better. I've gone to the nurse twice  for this. Since then, I  don't  shiver anymore, but i still get nauseous about every day. Probably a few weeks after that, my brain got really foggy. I still  get high test scores  and i can learn, but reading and writing is a pain and I lose my concentration easily. Now it's at the  point that I will just be sitting there and everything just seems fake and I'll be  thinking how can I even prove that the universe exists. I feel like I'm living  in a dream. Whenever I lay  my head  down to sleep, everything feels like it's spinning and I  have crazy closed eye visuals as if I were high. Today in gym, after running, I felt like spots of my skin were cold  as  if water was running  down my arms and legs, but  i wasn't sweating. That about sums it all up, and it feels like whatever this is is progressive, and I don't want to  feel  like this for the rest of my life. Btw there are times when I feel normal like when I'm talking or watching tv or playing video games.  halp!
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Its possible you are having an allergic reaction,many are having similar symptoms , doesnt sound viral .Maybe best to have the doctor check you out, are you eating okay , if Moms not there are you cooking/feeding yourself ?Drink lots of water ,keep hydrated its possible you are not drinking enough water . .
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u should be seen by ur primary care doctor.drink water..u need to make sure u doin everythin ok like eating is a big one.....I hope eberythin will be okay
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What you are describing sounds like withdrawal from cannabis.  Not everybody has severe symptoms, but what you describe definitely happens to some people.  It should be a temporary unpleasantness.  
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