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I believe I have Dementia.

Hi I'm Austin and I'm 17 years old, this will be my first time posting.
For over 2 months I'm been suffering with severe neurological issues and physical symptoms that I have been to tons of doctors and psychologists for. It is most similar to brain damage and dementia, but also has some symptoms of dissociation, including extreme derealization and depersonalization.
I've done tons and tons of research and there is no known psychological disorder or neurological disease (that I've researched) that could be causing my unusual symptoms and everything points to the fact that it is brain damage. I am already suffering from Bipolar, OCD and GAD. So I am almost 100% sure that it is dementia from brain damage. I have come to a few possible causes from physical problems.
Brain damage from possible upper respiratory infection, ear infection (leading to meningitis or encephalitis), wisdom teeth infection, B12 deficiency/Pernicious Anemia (already present GI Tract Problems), Heavy Metal Poisoning (from smoking metal shavings out of a pipe). I also have a history of drug abuse.
My past drug abuse in order includes: Generic allergy pills (I took 16 of them twice two years ago!) that's "high" sort of mimics my current condition, gas huffing a couple times, marijuana, legal marijuana (k2 kush), and prescription medication abuse (almost OD'd on Adderall). The biggest conclusion I could come to from all of these is a bad interaction between Marijuana, Benztropine, and Risperidone. Because the two days I had been on Benztropine after prescribed it I smoked marijuana on it which gave me adverse reactions and then three days later all of my symptoms developed. They are as follows (none are exaggerated):
Almost completely impaired cognitive ability
Change in mental status
Extreme difficulty processing information, and I never "take anything in".
Extreme difficulty expressing my thoughts
Extreme difficulty understanding others, lots of misinterpretation
Issues with reading (eyes skip all over the page), writing/typing (mind goes completely blank and I mess up almost every sentence)
Shortened attention span (complete inability to focus at all)
Inability to understand abstract concepts (for example: extreme difficulty when trying to follow a movie's story)
Severe Memory loss (short term and long term similar to Global Amnesia) I forget what I did or said 30 seconds before and I'm starting to forget how to do basic things and remember simple things like people's names (even family members) or once familiar places.
Altered level of consciousness (I am always very tired, feel extremely distant out of my own body, and sometimes I have "mini-blackouts" that last for about 1-2 seconds.) I do many things subconsciously and impulsively.
Dissociation (life looks like a cartoon or movie, distant from my body, identity problems, peoples faces seem unfamiliar or changed)
Personality change
Extreme paranoia and fear, I always have a sense of fear and dread at all times and am very scared to even walk around the house. This is accompanied with delusions and hallucinations.
Some slight delusions and hallucinations
Changes in vision (palinopsia, visual snow, loss of night vision, black spots), hearing (distorted perception of direction and distance), and sense of touch (some feeling loss)
Distorted/Altered perceptions
Numbness and tingling in the hands and feet
Neck pain, stiff neck
Spatial Disorientation (many times I do not know where I am when I wake up from sleep or close my eyes)
Inability to sense time (5 hours is an hour to me)
Balance issues
Diminished sense of smell and taste
Trouble walking correctly, abnormal gait
Extreme Fatigue
Muscle weakness
Loss of coordination
Hand tremors, shaking
Slurred speech
Increased Sensitivity to sound and light (was already sensitive before)
Trouble sleeping
Difficulty falling asleep
Sleep disturbances (Onset)
REVERSED SLEEP CYCLE(It started with 3-4 sleep disturbances every night and occasional nightmares, this continued for a few weeks and then my body refused to sleep anymore, after that I staying up all night and sleeping all day. Surprisingly my body likes this better but this is the only way I can sleep)
Increased anxiety
Increased Depression (LONGING FOR MY OLD LIFE)
Increased Aggressiveness (exacerbated Bipolar symptoms)
Strange Obsessions
dependent on others
deja vu

Like I said none of these are exaggerated and I'm not some stupid pothead teen who is uneducated and who has "a little brain fog" or  "a little memory loss" from smoking weed. To be honest there are even more symptoms that don't come to mind right now. This is completely and utterly debilitating and it seems to be progressively getting worse. I already had significant cognitive problems before this even happened. But believe me when I say it's 100 times worse and there's way more symptoms that can be explained by that or any psychological disorder as far as I know. Many of the symptoms are exactly similar to dementia, which I know is impossible to get at my age unless you have brain damage, which is another supporting factor in the theory that I have brain damage. I'm going to a neurologist in a few months but I refuse to be like this and not try and figure out what it is, since all I can do is sit around I might as well anyways.
I also want to add that substances such as MARIJUANA, ALCOHOL, and NICOTINE worsen all my symptoms. As soon as I ingest them it exacerbates all my symptoms, dissociation peaks and I start tweaking like someone coming off meth, my heart races and I start hallucinating.  and freaking out because nothing is going through my brain. NOTHING. Especially no memory when I smoke Marijuana.
This was extremely hard to type, but I think I got most of it down. So I'm hoping someone here can give me some insight or make some sense on what's happened or is happening to me. If you have any questions about my symptoms or anything else please ask. Thank you
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Sorry to hear that you are in such a bad way.

I suggest that you have a notebook and pencil with you at all times and write down the time, date and important information that you need to remember.

With regard to drinking alcohol and smoking weed etc, you do need to stop doing this.  You know what the consequences will be if you do and it may be that you may have damage because of taking these substances.  

You must stick to a healthy and well balanced diet with plenty of water to drink throughout the day to avoid getting dehydrated.  Dehydration will make you feel foggy and able to think properly too.

As you have mentioned that you have pernicious anaemia and low on Vitamin B12, the doctor will be able to check your blood levels with regard to this and administer Vitamin B12 injections and prescribe medication for the anaemia.  It is also important to have a healthy diet and cut out junk foods and fizzy drinks.

Your symptoms may be a side effect from the medication that you are taking.  Numbness and tingling can be from neurological problems, vitamin B complex deficiency and from trapped nerves along the spinal column and from nerve damage from diabetes.

At this moment in time look after yourself by not drinking any fizzy drinks, don't drink too much coffee (no more than 2 a day) and don not drink any alcohol.  Do not use drugs.  Take your prescription drugs as directed by your doctor.  Write things down so that you do not forget anything and that you do not overdose.  Stick to a healthy and well balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and get your sleep.

Your doctor will have or should have discussed with you your B12 deficiency and anaemia.  If not, make an appointment to see him and discuss what needs to be done to get your B12 and anaemia sorted.  Your doctor may need to take a blood test to find the levels before prescribing anything.

You will soon be seeing the specialist who will perform the required tests and will be able to tell you exactly what is going on.

Best wishes.

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   Are you drinking diet sodas?  Aspartame is a poison.  Does your food contain MSG?  It can cause brain damage.
    A lot of our foods on the market today are not nutritionally sound and you might want to start taking a multiple vitamin to help your body.

   Wishing you the best.
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it seems like there's something affecting your nervous system but as a matter of fact you don't know what it is and you have no particular reason to despair.

the fact that you think you're brain damaged instead, is probably due to a hypochondriac elaboration. a consequence of anxiety, which is normal considering your age and your symptoms.

so stop worrying about being brain damaged, you seem to be perfectly capable. fear can induce you to elaborate any sort of even barely plausible explanation for your condition and usually they will all be irreversible and incurable conditions, because that's what you're worried about.

if it was due to the immune system, you are young and your immune system is still "learning" so there's the possibility that it will improve with time.

so try to work on that, do not let the fear control your mind. even if your symptoms are bad, it doesn't mean that they are irreversible or that you can't live with them.

some neurological conditions can mimic dementia and cause your other symptoms for example Autoimmune Encephalopathy. which is not exactly a disease but rather a category of syndromes that affect the brain.

there are some specific blood tests and radiology tests that can be done but are very limited and hardly the findings would take you to a solution.

good luck!

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