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I can't think anymore, haven't found any answer?

Hi. For about a year now, I've had trouble comprehending info. When I'd play video games or watch tv, I couldn't really "get" some of the things they would say- I couldn't absorb the information or process it to make sense even though my hearing is and was fine. It got worse and worse...now, I can't read, watch tv, listen to music (I can't process what the lyrics mean), I can't talk to friends... I can't actually think anymore, it's like I have no thought process at all, now matter how hard I try I can't grasp concepts or thoughts or information or piece anything together. I can't learn new things. I really need help because it is robbing me of my life and I really don't know what to do if I don't get it cured.
I was misdiagnosed with ADD. The medication for it only made my symptoms feels even worse, but it could be that the symptoms simply have worsened with time.
If anyone has anything to help, thank you so much.
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HI sailorqun.

Your writing skills seem to be fine and this allows you to communicate

You may have neurotransmitter, hormonal and nutritional deficiencies.

Please post details, regarding you misdiagnosis, any testing prior to your

ADD diagnosis including lab results with lab reference ranges, medications,

how the misdiagnosis came about,diet, fitness & activities, prior pertinent

medical history, accidents or other significant events.

Please provide as many details and after you post them, I will study them

and offer you my opinion.

There are many things that can be done.

Looking forward to your reply.

Best wishes.

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Hi, Niko!

I had taken Cipralex- specifically for depression- for about a year. I stopped roughly half a year before I started to notice this. That, besides Methylphenidate PMS (Ritalin), which I had taken for a bit over a week before I noticed very bad side effects along with worsened symptoms (so much so that I literally felt like I could not function.), is the only prescription meds I have taken.
Unfortunately I cannot give you any info on lab results. We simply went to our doctor and spoke with him about my issues, he didn't seem to understand...so he brushed me off for a couple of weeks, and then when came back he said it sounded like ADHD type 1.
I have an ok diet, I do not binge eat or starve myself and I indulge in unhealthy foods, but not so much that everything I eat is unhealthy. When I started getting these symptoms that was not the case. I had binge eating disorder, which I have conquered. I also used to drink a lot of diet soda which I have refrained from. Mistakes from the past which I regret immensely. I go on walks every day, though not for long.
The last major events, so major to have made a huge impact on me, were years ago after I lost a loved one.

Thank you very much for trying to help me out! Best wishes to you as well.
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sailorqun, you have been definitely affected from something so traumatic,
the loss of a loved one.
Should you want to to talk about it, please consider message me.
I might be able to make a small difference in your life, because of what
I have been through in my own life and my strong interest and training
in Energy Medicine & Therapy.

On another note, there's one of the most wonderful doctors I have ever come across in my entire life. He's in BC and his name is Gabor Mate.
If you do a YouTube search you will find many video clips with his lectures
and talks on topics directly relating to your situation!

He's written: "Close Encounters with Addiction"; "When the Body Says No: The Cost of Hidden Stress"; and "Scattered Minds: A New Look at the Origins and Healing of Attention Deficit Disorder", and co-authored
"Hold on to Your Kids"
His works have been published  in twenty languages.

I don't think he sees patients any longer, but you can definitely take advantage of his vast and deep knowledge in areas like ADHD, depression, mental illness, addiction, mind-body health and more through his videos and books! You will relate to what he says A LOT !

I also suspect some effects of excitoxicity with neurological consequences ,
due to the diet soda overconsumption.
Nonetheless, this belongs to the past and the focus has to be on the present.
For starters, optimizing your diet to be nutrient dense, from fresh vegetables -organic if possible- some fruit, quality protein from free range
chicken, pasteured beef, low mercury fish, healthy oils and key supplements for brain health & general health, such as omega-3,methylocobalamin, methylfolate, SAMe, HTP-5, trans-resveratrol and D3.

Can you ask your doctor for a nutritional, vitamin and minerals (serum and tissue) panel to find out if you have any deficiencies?
This is very fundamental & it should get done asap if possible.

Let me know what you think. You may message me anytime.

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