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I have a sensitivity to light and my temples are sore.

To start off, I suffer with an anxiety disorder but I don't know whether the anxiety triggers the symptoms or the symptoms trigger the anxiety. I feel very "overwhelmed" in light, particularly in fluorescent lighting and outdoor light when it's sunny. I find without realizing i'm always frowning and squinting and the muscles above my eyes are very sore. My temples are also very tender and the other muscles in my head are also tender particularly around the back of my head near the neck and behind my ears. I always feel sort of surreal/foggy. I've suffered with tinnitus from a very young age and still have it now (i'm 29) - I did have an MRI in the past to confirm that my ear structure was normal. The only other thing I have around this area sometimes is a popping and clicking when I close and open my mouth. Please help - thank you.
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To add, I found this which is interesting! So many possible symptoms of TMJ...

"TMJ patient may also suffer with photophobia, or light sensitivity. A dislocated TMJ may produce pain in and behind the eye which can cause sensitivity to light. Blurred vision and eye muscle twitching are also common in TMJ patients." - excerpt from TMJ Headaches - What are the symptoms Of TMJ.
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very very interesting...thank you for all of this information. i'll probably get in touch with my dentist soon for a check-up in that case....
No worries. :)
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Sounds like you might have TMJ -Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome (TMJ). I have this too. As does my mum and sister so genetics going on there by the looks of it. My mum had numerous teeth pulled out as in her case she had toothache from TMJ and the dentists were clueless! Her teeth were fine. It was her jaw causing the pain.

I have found magnesium helps with my TMJ. I used to be able to crack my jaw so loud you could hear it at the other end of the house! lol With magnesium....you need to be very close to hear it now. Anyway,  I was magnesium deficient and had a lot of symptoms including light sensitivity and anxiety.

You might want to give magnesium a try. Especially if you suffer from stress and anxiety! Avoid magnesium oxide. 4% absorption. I tried it.. meh pretty useless. I like magnesium citrate. This info is from Medicine Net - Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome

"Signs and symptoms of temporomandibular joint dysfunction include the following:

Pain or tenderness in the jaw, especially at the area of the joint
Popping/clicking of the jaw (crepitus)
Pain that feels like a toothache
Ear pain (earache) or sounds of cracking in the ears
Ringing or popping sounds in the ears (tinnitus) or a sense of fullness in the ears
Headaches, including migraines
Blurred vision
Tight, stiff, or sore jaw or neck muscles
Muscle spasms in the jaw
Facial pain, mouth pain, jaw pain, cheek pain, or chin numbness or tingling
Pain at the base of the tongue
Pain, swelling, or a lump in the temple area
Difficulty chewing
Shoulder pain
Locking or dislocation of the jaw (usually after widely yawning), referred to as lockjaw
Dizziness or vertigo"
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Well done, Red_Star. Plus, a magnesium deficiency might also explain why worrier's facial and neck muscles get tight and then sore. Mg, as you know, is regarded as a 'relaxing mineral'. So it can even be anti-anxiety and/or a sleep aid in some people.
Thanks! :) Yes magnesium is relaxing for sure!
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