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I have an illness that won’t go away even with antibiotics

I have been incredibly sick for over 3 weeks now.
Week 1-sore throat, fatigue, weakness, couldn’t get out of bed, chest tightness, slight cough. Went to doctor and was diagnosed with mycoplasma pneumonia and was given doxycycline and steroids.
Week 2-got so weak I ended up in the ER. They said it’s just part of the illness and to keep up with antibiotics.
On week 2.5 I began vomiting but only a couple times.
Finished up that round of antibiotics and went to my primary doctor because I wasn’t any better and my chest hurt like crazy and my cough was horrific. I was diagnosed with bronchitis. Given levoflaxcin and bromfed.
Week 3-finished that and I’m still so sick. Cough is horrible. Headaches, fatigue, weakness, chest pain and tightness, nausea, dizziness. I’m a college student and scared I’m going to have to drop out this semester because I can barely function. Please help!
Mono, strep, and pneumonia were all negative! What is wrong with me?
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It sounds like a severe case of bronchitis that you got from getting the pneumonia, obviously just an observation though. Go back to your primary doctor and tell them your symptoms haven't changed, you may need different antibiotics. I had acute bronchitis with a nasty cough for about 5 months and I went to the doctor twice for it and the second time they gave me different antibiotics and it helped. Good luck, hope you feel better!
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Hello~I hope you are feeling better by now, but if not, I would certainly go back to my doctor and tell him you don't feel any better. You may still have an infection that requires stronger antibiotics.

I agree with the other poster, it does sound like bronchitis, my dear mother had "chronic bronchitis" and she had the exact same symptoms.
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You need stronger antibiotics, even Doxy should be 200mg 2x per day.  You most likely need more than one and a longer much longer duration.
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