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I have chest pressure, fatigue, and a headache...what could it be?

Sorry this is going to be a long one. It all started one day at work. I was driving to a job and felt a pressure in my chest. Considering my family's history of heart disease I took this very seriously and went to the ER right away despite the fact I'm only 29. They did all sorts of tests including one they said meant they were 99% sure I did not have a heart attack. Despite this the slight pressure in my chest has continued ever since.

I've gone to my primary doctor many many times after that visit trying to figure out what is happening. First he surmised it was acid reflux that was causing the chest pressure and he prescribed omeprazole. Didn't really work, was still having chest pressure. mailed him about it and he doubled the omeprazole dose and perscribed one other medication that would control acid in a different way. During this time I developed what I can only describe as a "pounding heartbeat"...my heart doesn't beat faster...I've measured the bpm many times and it's the same as usual, however it feels like my heart is beating much harder. I read that this could be a side-effect from the omeprazole so on my next visit the doctor told me to go off those meds. Turns out it had nothing to do with them cause I still have it, and it gets worse when I physically exert myself.

Shortly after that visit I developed a headache that will not go away either. It seems to vary in intensity and I cannot seem to pin down what causes it. I cut out caffeine from my diet almost entirely, cheating every so often, but when I cheat there seems to be no correlation to the severity of the headache. One night it got so bad I felt as though my face was going numb and I went to the ER again. They did a CT scan, basically told me it looked great, everything was fine, and sent me home.

Then there is the neck tightness...doctor prescribed me diazepam as a muscle relaxer and anxiety reducer. Pharmacist described it as a "rescue drug" meant to quickly reduce anxiety, which they said could explain all of my symptoms. Didn't really do much but make me tired.

Also did heart tests. One EKG and one 48-hour heart monitor both came back good.

I have also had diarreaha, not so much burning, but very watery, this entire time. I actually believe the core of everything probably has to do with my stomach because it growls a lot and makes weird noises all the time and I feel bloated.

So at this point I'm sitting here with a headache, chest pressure, fatigue, bloating, tight neck, and random aches and pains throughout my body...does anyone have any idea what this is!?
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