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I have flesh colored bumps, finger pain, forearm pain with no explanation

Three weeks ago I noticed my left pinky was extremely sensitive and what felt like extreme nerve pain when bumping inside the knuckle area. I also noticed that from the knuckle up it sometimes felt asleep when I touched it and also felt like it was burning occasionally (not to the touch but internally) to where I had to put it in ice. Last week I noticed that bumping either of my forearms was extremely sensitive as well as my left pointer finger started to get pain and sensitivity next to the knuckle. I explained it as my radius or ulna was sensitive in each arm. A few days ago I hit my RIGHT middle finger on the side of the nail and it was so painful I almost yelled. I walked away and went to lay on my floor to rest and put my RIGHT forearm on the ground to brace myself and screamed in pain because it was so painful. That night I looked at both arms and noticed small to medium sized fleshy bumps on both upper arms from the elbow up. These symptoms are in addition to being extremely thirsty and drinking over 128oz of water a day for the past couple months. Please help!!!
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I had hypersensitivity to pain from black toxic mould. Very nasty neurotoxin! I just slightly bumped my arm and severe pain!  I also had red bumps on my inner forearm, excessive thirst...and a very long list of other symptoms. It is hard to say what is causing your symptoms but a common cause of excessive thirst is diabetes. High glucose is toxic to nerves. Not sure if diabetes causes hypersensitivity to pain though.
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Go to a primary care physician. I am not a med pro, but have you considered auto-immune possibilities like psoriatic arthritis, given the skin bumps. Extreme thirst could be a symptom of a lot of bad things, and not so bad things. Go to a doctor and get checked out
I have to wait until the 21st when I have new insurance with my new job. I totally would have gone by now but yea. I’m just trying to get answers while I wait. I will look up this condition - thank you!
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