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I have had abdominal pain, exhaustion, and now fever with doctors stumped. What do I have any can't anyone help me?

It all started when I wen to the cheese cake factory and ate more that I usually do six months ago. From that day I have never been the same. I have SEVERE abdominal pain that lasted until March. The doctor couldn't figure it out. CT scan is normal, blood tests normal. It wasn't extremely bad from March to April until now. It flared up one evening when I couldn't drive home from seeing my dad at the hospital. I was devastated I wasn't going to be able to feed and bathe my two year old because the freeway was backed up for hours. My stomach was so severe I could hardly drive and wipe the tears from my eyes. I was slouched over praying I would make it home. As I walked in the door I fell to my stomach for relief. The pain was a 10 and would not stop. It was like someone was inside my stomach with a knife and cutting lines up and down the walls of my stomach. My husband helped me to the shower where I felt some relief. From that day forward it has been on and off a 7 or 8 but not a 10. Now just Friday I woke up with a 104.1 fever and no cold symptoms and a 9 stomach pain. I went to work with that fever and finally called the doctor who immediately sent me to the ER. My blood pressure was too low and my pulse was sky high. I had a head ache, severe abdominal pain, dizziness and with all the tests and Ct scan they performed they all came out normal. What is wrong with me? I'm lost and this is interfering with my daily life. Today is Monday and my fever is gone but my stomach pain is still here with me feeling dizzy and exhausted. What do I do?
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Cheese can cause food poisoning either due to bacteria, or yeast or due to food intolerance to raw cow milk. It could also have triggered an IBS like reaction and this may not show up in CT scan. Take light diet. Take plenty of lactobacillus OTC preparations and see if it helps. If it does not, consult a gastroenterologist.
Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
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I suffered for many years with similar symptoms.  I was finally diagnosed with visceral hypersensitivity.  That has caused me to have intense pain, bowel obstructions, vasovagal episodes (low blood pressure, lose of sight & hearing, cold sweats)...the list goes on.  I had no idea there was such a connection between the nervous system and your gut.

There are many gut issues that can cause the symptoms you are describing.  You need to be referred to a good gastro dr.  You could've had a flair up of diverticulitus, crohns, IBS, etc.  The fever makes me think diverticulitus.  

I know it's frustrating but don't give up.  While you are waiting to see a good gastro dr, go to the ER when you are having these attacks.  They will not only help you with your pain, but may be able to help narrow down what your issue is.  

I hope you get well very, very soon.  Take care, Amy
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I suggest you see a gastro MD. It sounds like (and I'm not trying to scare you) that you might have a parasite. Parasites are common in the intestines but on rare occasions can reek havoc in your body. If you have a fever, it is always a sign that there are foreign agents in your body. A temp of 104 is letting you know that your body is going into overdrive trying to get rid of the foreign object. I have a few more questions though; 1. Is the pain only in your stomach? 2. Is the pain associated with diarreha/vomiting?
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am a chef and problem i see is that the cheese used in the cheese cake is very rich so you eating to much has sent your body crazy cuz its never had to deal with this richness. your body is just trying to get back to normal trust me i know how you feel when i just became a chef my body reacted exactly as yours did but now am constantly eating all this clotted cheese and seafood my body has change and adapted to it all give your body time and drink pleanty of fluids. let me know how you feel soon
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