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I have had wrist pain for almost 3 years now and doctors don't know what it is.

Hi. I'm a 20 year old am I have had pain in my wrist on the medial side (ulnar side) for almost 3 years. I've been to many doctors, I've done 2 x-Rays for each hand, 3 MRI's and no one has come to a conclusion.
A brief history: About 3 years ago I started experiencing some snapping sounds from my wrist when I bent extended them backwards. The snapping continued (both wrists) until I felt more and more discomfort & dull pain. Then after 6 months of this I suddenly I woke up with sharp pain when I would move my hand towards the ulnar side. The pain would be so sudden and sharp that I would drop whatever was in my hand. Eventually the sharp pain stopped happening often. Only around once a day but not every time I moved my hand.

At the moment I just have dull pain with discomfort. There is some radiation towards my whole forearm. It's worse when I use my laptop, also holding my phone or a book makes my wrists very achy. I have been doing all the ergonomic postures lately but the pain is still there. Anything I do with my wrists that requires them to stay in a specific position for a long amount of time (by long I mean 5+ mins) causes them to be achy and sensitive to movement. Example, I'm holding a thin book trying to read the first chapter, after 5 mins I feel discomfort and stiffness so extend my hands backwards & they make a "snap" sound. Then my hands eventually get tired of holding this super light book for some reason and they're just achy for the rest of the day if they don't rest well. Also it's worse in the morning.

I'm genuinely tired of this chronic wrist pain and I'm really afraid that this will prevent me from being able to become a surgeon (I'm a first year led student). I know it's not ideal to ask on the internet but I have wasted too much money on doctors telling me to try a wrist brace (which just made things worse) and anti inflammatory drugs.
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