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I have mystery symptoms that various doctors can’t diagnose

For years now I have had what I call “episodes”... it starts with me getting insanely hot, breaking out into sweat all over, dizziness, nausea, feeling like a bowel movement will happen. Then I get this weird floating kind of felleing and tingly. Kind of feels like an almost out of body experience. If I am standing or sitting, I have to lay down and try to cool off, otherwise I pass out. POTS was ruled out because it doesn’t connect to me getting up from a sitting or laying position. One neurologist said migraines, another said seizures. I have seen multiple neurologists, primary care physicians, a cardiologist and Rheumetologist. Everyone sort of brushes me off and tells me to lay down until it passes. It is vastly detrimental to my life. I’ve had to turn down jobs if it requires being outdoors in heat or in an indoor setting that is more than 70 degrees. I have excessively high electric bills because I have to keep my house as cold as possible. I don’t know what to do anymore.
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Could you provide some more info about yourself such as age, weight (normal, overweight, obese), what is your blood pressure/pulse like, have you had any blood tests for things like diabetes, anaemia, thyroid, vitamin deficiencies like vitamin d? what kind of results did you receive? Have you had a 24 hour ecg? Checked blood oxygen levels?

I presume you're female from the username?
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There is a type of migraine that some of these symptoms fit -- abdominal migraines.  And we have pain responses.  When I'm nauseated, I often immediately feel hot and sweaty.  And I get nauseated as a pain response.   Body temperature and this over heating is an autonomic response.  I would not think being outside or having a hot house would cause these things to happen but that your body reacts with the increased body temperature (internally) when triggered.  Here is something for you to look into :  Dysautonomia.  This has a list of symptoms that would include some of what you describe and very well could be what is going on with you.  
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