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I keep seeing the same number. I don't know where to post this..

I keep seeing the same number. What would cause this?
I keep seeing the number 428.

I see it on clocks, pictures, mailboxes etc..

What could cause this?

I do have panic disorder, anxiety disorders and etc.

Also, my anniversary with my ex girlfriend was april 28th, but that was a while ago.

What could cause this? Spiritual, or just mental issues?
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I have several mental disorders, also, and they include the occasional psychotic episode.  Hearing things not there, shadows not connected to anything, stuff like that.  What is happening with you could very easily be similar, if not the samething.  Please see your doctor and tell him about this.  It is important it be in your medical record, even if there is nothing the doc can do about it.  This is because if it will not stop, or it stops and happens again, often, then it's a problem that needs to be addressed by a professional.  Blessings - Blu
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Thanks for the reply. I do have sever OCD and am on Ativan and Effexor
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My daughter goes through this from time to time.  I don't remember her number... but it is coincidental and it goes away after a while.  Do you take anti-anxiety meds?  She was on Atavan.  Evidently, you have become fixated on that particular number.  Look around, the house number before that one is 426 and the one after is 450 - those numbers don't mean anything.  But you are trying to read something into that particular number.... Too many sci fi movies, perhaps...  Not meaning to pooh pooh your fixation, but see a doctor if it continues to bother you.  Sounds like you're getting an OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).
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