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I need help like nothing else in this world

I will be more than grateful if you answer my question and possibly help me get rid of the  decease I haven't yet diagnosed what is and  which I've been having for almost 3 years now.
Everything started when I was 15 years old. Now I'm 17, turning 18 on May. I had this feeling in my throat. If felt as if something was squeezing my throat and I cleared my throat a lot. Then it kind of passed away and had a pain and pressure feeling on the left side of my throat.(Not exactly throat, it was right above my clavicle bone, inside a trachea or esophagus, I don't know). I felt more pressure when, for example, I was in bed and turned on the left side. I went to allergologist, did blood tests, chest-X ray, spirometry and consulted a cardiologist, all was normal. But after gastroscopy, i was diagnosed as reflux-esophagitus. Pills didn't give me any relief, at all, and the gastroenterologist told me to see a neurologist. She said I had severe anxiety, gave me pills, still no relief. Since then I stopped going to doctors. After that, I started kind of a chest pressure and pain feeling. It sometimes gets worse as If something is squeezed in the center of my chest, inside the breast bone area, and feeling pain, then it goes away, but not entirely. I still lightly feel as if something's tightened and cannot inhale normally(not that I find it difficult, but it's like I cannot do it normally) all day, all night, everyday. Also, when I lean back on a chair or sofa, my symptoms get worse and when I also am driving. When eating, I inhale deeply as if I'm running out of air. I also inhale deeply when not eating sometimes. I have no difficulty breathing, exhaling etc. But It feels as if I do.
I do not know what to do, who to consult to have a precise diagnoze. Please, help me, I want my health back as nothing else anymore.
Best regards!
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Hello~I am so sorry you are suffering so much with these issues.

One thought comes to my mind, possibly a hiatal hernia, these can sometimes cause the uncomfortable feeling you are having in your throat and the pains in your chest. You said your saw a doctor and they performed a gastroscopy and it showed reflux-esophagitus, well, acid reflux can certainly be caused by a hiatal hernia. I would ask him/her if they saw a hiatal hernia.  Sometimes a chiropractor can feel if you have one as well, they can sometimes "pull it down" and in doing so, will help alleviate a lot of the symptoms you are having.

My other thought is, indeed, anxiety. Anxiety can cause all kinds of "strange" symptoms, and the "lump in throat" is a common one. Being short winded is also a classic symptoms of high anxiety. Try not to take too many shallow breaths and when you do breathe, take deep, long breaths, hold for a few seconds, then release slowly, this might be of some help.

I hope you feel better soon.
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Yes, in the diagnose paper there is some kind of esophagus hernia as well.
Thank you so much for your answer !!

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