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I need ugent help :( im suffering alot i dont know whats happening

It all started when the summer i had 4 vertigo attacks that lasted for like 30mins where the world kept moving, it was so scary
I have chronic diziness where i wake up and the world is spinning it happens once or 3 times every year, so since the summer im not feeling right theres always spinning sensation in my head!! Like im moving or falling and im not, it goes worse when i lay down , tire myself, get up, so 2 days ago i was sitting i stood up quickly walked for few seconds and i fainted, i had a headache and heart palptations i dont know if this has todo with orthostatic hypotension, since that im in a very dramatic stage i cant walk i have no balance i need someone to hold me i cant lay down in bed i cant turn in bed and i cant get up from standing it goes worse, with sorta diziness or lightheadedness nausea and some sorta tinituss in my ears ( like tshhh its like im underwater ) brain mri and blood tests are clean! Drs cant diagnose me properly im going crazy yesterday i started taking meds for vertigo, and meniere to see if thats the cause, im a healthy 25 year old lady i only have problems with my late period cos of ovarian cysts and i dont think thats causing it, i beg you please help me i cant deal with this anymore i give up i came here cos the drs here are not helping me and not giving me right diagnosis, i missed my exam today and i got midyear exams in 2 years i beg you help me please im suffering alot!!!!
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My sympathies-I was struck with vertigo out of the blue also-I am alot older than you. First time was random when I simply turned over in bed-incredible spinning room and I lurched off the walls into the bathroom to throw up. Apparently vertigo is positional in nature-sort of like liquid sloshing inside a big container and throwing the container off balance. I learned to immediately close my eyes and wait for 'fluids' to re-equalize between the left and right brain.  I also had at the time an episode of exploding brain syndrome-there's a fun rare one!  I have several theories on my vertigo-I was taking blood pressure meds and tried an over-the-counter antidepressant St John's Wort. Looked it up later and it was on the list of medications that should not be combined with the bp meds.  It made me feel like a lymph node had swelled up behind/below my left ear. There must be a safety valve in our head diverting fluid throwing us off balance. I have also had a couple TIA's and the headaches were always on the left side of my head.   Plus, I am prone to swimmers ear and most often it is my left ear that gets fluid trapped and infected. Try to not drink any liquids 1-2hrs before bed, urinate before getting in bed,  sleep with your head elevated, either by extra pillows or a wedge under the mattress or blocks under the bed legs.  Oh, and careful about too much aspirin which also affects fluid in/on the brain. You might have your pcp check for any buildup of wax in your ears.
Im so sorry to hear that happened with u i know the feeling and its horrible its worse than a pain in the body, when that happens i usually take antidepressant xanax it calls my nauses and really sorts out the diziness even if ur diziness doesnt have todo with stress xanax helps the symptoms, my problem is when im feeling like this i cant even close my eyes cos when i do i feel like inside my head is spinning badly too , exploding brain syndrome? Never really heard of it, when i get vertigo my blood pressure kinda goes up maybe from the panic, what? U mean bp meds shouldnt be taken with antidepressants? I take concor for my heartbeats and i also took xanax cos i had an anxiety attack , i noticed when i slept on my left side i woke up and inside my ear seemed like there was a fluid coming out its so weird, sorru to hear u had tia i hope ur ok ? How do u know theres an infection in the ear does it always make fever? Thanks for the tips :) i will follow them,
One night sound asleep I heard what can only be described as a loud explosion close-up. The 'sound' was only in my brain, though...  I went from sound asleep in bed to standing by my bed in a fraction of a second-my heart was pounding from a flood of adrenaline setting off a fight or flight response.  (I have no history with military/construction/mining/guns.)  I went to work the next morning and humerously told coworkers my brain exploded last night. Googled it later and found exactly one mention of it on a medical site.

Swimmer's ear usually starts in childhood-I had many infections lots of antibiotics etc.  Now, as an adult, I have learned to rinse out my ears with rubbing alchohol after swimming, or whenever the symptoms begin.  (BTW, my hearing is still tested at/above the top of the chart 50 yrs later so zero damage from rubbing alchohol. )  I think its a shame all those kids getting tubes put in their ears today have not tried the simplicity of an eye dropper, with cheap rubbing alchohol in it, squirted into their EARS and then allowed to drain back out.  Water in America is increasingly bad.  Any town with a water emergency/boil water warning can expect an increase in ear infections.
Omg that sounds horrible im sorry that happened to you is there any treatement for it whats the cause? A good remedy also if you put vinegar with alchohol in the ear it helps it alot helps it dry and prevent infection, water also is contaminated where i live ( in the middle east ) :/
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Has your doctor ordered a tilt table test to see if this brings on the symptoms you are describing?
Have you consulted with a neurologist and an internist who can go over all these symptoms and perhaps tie them together?
I wish we could offer more .
No nobody really mentioned i saw many drs and nobody mentioned anything about pots and orthostatic hypotension im not sure if we have that test in my country, over my reseach on the internet i found pots and orthostatic hypotension and its very close to what im suffering from i have a feeling i have pots and something within my ear too both combined together, i havnt seen a neurologist as many drs told me i dont need to and all they can say i have depression how is this related to my symptoms i dont understand them! Some ear dr told me i got loose crystals in my ear and i need todo the maneuver but evrytime i try and do it i get a combination of panic attack and pots at the same time with the diziness everytome i try and lay down its sol horrible that i cant even try the maneuver :(
Plus the have 2 bones in my neck that need physiotherapy and care otherwhise ill end up having disk, i get numbness and they said it has todo with my neck, plus i have cysts on my ovaries and the drs said if they grow i need a surgery i havnt had my period for 2 months, all of these illnesses i mentioned are driving me crazy and i dont know what to start with to treat its going so crazy and i cant bear it anymore im only 25 :'(
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It sounds like you need to address the most bothersome symptoms first.
As far as possible disc issues in your neck, physical therapy is usually the first recommended course of treatment, to strengthen the muscles, and correct posture issues.  Some disc issues are normal in that as we get older, the discs loose some of their moisture from normal wear and tear, and can 'dry' out as decades go by. Most of the time, it is not a concern. Nerves can be aggravated by repeated posture issues, or positions which irritate the nerve and inflammation can worsen symptoms.
I would start with a neurologist and if no success there an internist/ear, nose and throat to investigate the symptoms.
Physical therapy can happen while you are doing that. Those sessions are typically less than an hour, and in love giving you strengthening exercises to work on at home, as well as during the actual sessions.
Ovarian cysts typically resolve on their own, given some time.
Thank u for the help hun concerning my cysts i hope they will go cos the dr said if they grow they need a surgery, concerning my neck im going to do some therapy, i hope the neurologist will be able to help me concerning the standing pots issue if no luck im gonna go to an ent! Hopefully it will be ok!
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Women develop 'cysts' monthly as they ovulate. Hopefully yours resolve quickly too.
I hope your doctors are able to quickly get you feeling much better and out enjoying your life.
Thank u ! :)
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Perhaps maybe vestibular migraine have you been to see an ent I get very similar problems bus I get pulsetile tinnitus that comes & goes I'm in with an ent at the end of this month did your mri not show anything I had a lot of fluid back there neurologist thought I have mineares he didn't say too much on that though ears obviously wasn't his thing im also going to see a cardiologist I've spoken to this doctor only but he thinks I have pots I can totally sympathize with how your feeling there's nothing more unnatural than the world moving around you but try keep your chin up take things one day at a time & try not to let it hold you back (easier said than done I know)... Lorna XxX
I google vestibular migraine and its so similar to what i have also pots and orthostatic hypotension or bppv or menieres , my symptoms are similar mostly to these illnesses and i cant rezignise which one it is as its driving me crazy i dont believe in drs here anymore every dr say different thing.. its so frustrating affecting all my life and i cant deal with this anymore.. the ent said i have bppv , but i still dont feel like its the cause .. i have given up on drs here and i came here to get some help :( i have chronic tinnitus in my right year like whisteling but lately when i get these symptoms i feel like i get some weird tinnitus when i lift my head like a broken tv channel or underwater, sometimes i feel like a tight band around my head that tightens my jaw, dont know if thats tension headache, ive been told i have anxiety and depression along time ago and i took anti depressants, i think i do but im sure i have something else interfering and increasing my stress, its horrible when u feel alot of symptoms and i dont know if its only 1 thing or multiple things but it scares me because i dont have the right diagnosis if i did then i would know when these symtoms get worse and i wouldnt panic, im also feeling weak and when im sitting and i stand my legs start shivering as theres a tremor, i dont know if thats related to anxiety or stress cos i have alot of stress in my life, on a serious note i really need some help
Goodluck dealing with what ur suffering from lorna let me know if theres any luck hun xx
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Hi, Nadine. You can look up and then try a do-it-yourself that's called a "poor man's tilt table test".

Or without a BP cuff: just sit until relaxed, take your pulse, then stand up and immediately take your pulse again. What is the difference in heart rate between the two? We're looking for greater than ~30 beats per minute, which would point to OI. Then try it from laying down to then standing up.

The heart rate will speed up a lot ("orthostatic tachycardia") to compensate if the blood pressure to the brain goes way down upon standing. Blood pressure to the brain will go down if the blood is pooling in the legs.

Still, if you get dizzy when just laying down, that very much seems to be a different thing. So maybe you don't have OI.

Btw, you keep talking about your ear. I believe that there are some patients who truly do have a way of "just knowing" what is the source of whatever is wrong with them. Your sense about that should be listened to.


Also, are you maybe very dehydrated? That can mean having a less quantity of blood flowing around ("reduced circulatory volume") and can make a person dizzy upon standing.

Are you long and thin, and extremely flexible (double jointed) or with very stretchy skin? That can mean having EDS, which comes with a lot of strange symptoms. Doctors often miss that.
Concerning the dehydration , my mouth is always dry and so my skin is  , i tested my glucose so many times and its ok i dont know if im dehydrated but im drinking fluids :/
Testing it from laying down to standing makes me feel like im going to pass out or faint if i stand up quickly it has to be slowly :( from sitting resting then to standing thats a heart rate from 82 to 99 , thats considered bad for someone who also takes beta blockers (concor 2.5 ml half a pill everyday)
I dont think i got eds because im not so stretchy  , sometimes i feel like im falling where like my nerves in my brain are contracting and i get that panicky feeling on my chest, i dont know if all of this has todo with stress but im sure theres something else? Im having also numbness in my feet hands and cheecks it goes worse all of a sudden then calms down i really cant think whats causing this , i dont know the reason for my tinnitus in my ears but its chronic i dont know if theres something wrong with my ear :( its driving me nuts
Ok i have done a blood test few months ago my esr test was 50 they told me because i had an infection and cold on my chest now im ok i redone the test my esr test is 38 it should be 30 its a little high i dont know what is causing this
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I haven't read all the other responses but noticed you stated "dry mouth".  Have you been checked for Sjogrens?
Never really heard of sjogrens or never really tested it :/
It's a simple blood test and may explain some of your issues.  Maybe something to bring up to your Dr.
Ohhh alright thanks for pointing that out ill look foreward to it :)
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