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I smell chorline

I had a MRI scan of my brain in March of 2015, I had the scan because I have had severe migraines for several years and it was not controlled with medicine correctly until I learned how to deal with the migraines and what the early sign were of an attack. I have had a 2 MRI's, in 2007 and 2015. In 2015, I was told my brain appears normal and there are no signs of distress or reasons to easy point out. I was given Imitrex in 2007 and it worked well, when I became pregnant I had to stop the medication and after my child was a year old I started the medicine back up. I had 2 allergic reactions in 2 separate occasions because I thought I was having a panic attack. I tried the medication again in 2015 and had severe pain in the nap of my neck and migrated on the top part of my brain. It was unable to continue with the rest of my day and I will never take that medicine again. Anyway, during that visit at my PCP, I told her I constantly smell chlorine and the smell is so sharp it makes my eyes water. Imagine inhaling swimming pool water, that is what it is like. It usually happens when I would bend over and stand back up. She had no explanation. When I got the MRI results back I was told they could tell why I could not breathe. I am just now looking at my MRI scans and my nose looks severely crooked? I need help determining what is wrong with my nose. I am 26, never had an injury to my face. Being able to smell or taste food is rare, the left side of my nose is always blocked and smelling out of it is like winning the lottery..

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The crooked nose look does not help diagnose anything unless there's a very specific finding in regards to your issues. And there was, as you were told.
I just don't understand, why you were not given those details and  why you did not ask for an explanation yourself.
The answer likely lies within this.
We do not have the privilege of this information, nor the accompanying MRI report, so I would  strongly suggest you get in touch with your PCP again, regarding this.
After all you need to exercise your patient rights.
I personally detest this "medical" culture of secrecy
or failure to inform patients on important matters.

My suspicion is that you have some sinus/nasal structural abnormality which may result in frequent or chronic sinus infections.
Also look into hydration issues, as you may have a waste elimination issue (nitrogen/ammonia), if dehydrated.

Best wishes,

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