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I would like to know the exact medical term for...

Hellloooo everyone,

First of all I'd like to say that I'm new to these forums, so just tell me if I'mdoing something wrong or if this isn't the place I should be asking what follows now. Thanks!

Ok, some usuful information about myself first: I'm guy, 17 years old. Weight: around 52Kg and I'm around 174cm tall.

Well, it applies to most sports,but keep a long story short, I'll immedately tell my problem by giving an example that always happens to me:

Everytime we have Football (Uk)/Soccer (US) at school, I start to feel unwell after like 15-20 minutes. I get a feeling that I'm going to vomit and I start to feel dizzy. Sometimes, but not always, I also get an unpleasant feeling in/on my heart. If I continue when I get those feeling, I mostly end up seeing every star of the universe in front of me and when I then stop playing soccer... I feel terrible (still vomiting feeling, dizzy etc) for 5-15 minutes (depending on what I was doing).

I'm not quite sure what it is, but could have something to do with sugars in my blood,like not enough sugar or something? I know I don't have diabetis, so it's not that. I can eat whatever I want.

I basically get those feeling during sports like Soccer, basketball, running/sprinting, rugby or anything else where you just have to run a lot. Odd or not, during badminton I rarely get those feelings and also not when I'm doing activities like judo, cycling.

I want to give another example that happened to me 7 months ago during physical education at school:

It was nice day, 18°C (don't know in F), so ideal weather to go outside and sport a bit. Teacher decided to do 200 metre sprints in the park. First we had like 800-12000 metres warming up (just jogging) and after we had to do 4 series of 200 metres (with walking back in between of them). I'm a very good sprinter (100m in 12 seconds) so I was very enthusiastic. I won the first 200m by far, but when I crosses the finish line, I already starting getting a weird feeling on/in my heart. thought it would get okay as we walked back to the start. Teacher didn't wait too long, so off we went for the second 200m. Everything was fine... I was leading after 150 metres and then I suddenly started feeling miserable (pain in the heart, felt like i was going to vomit, light in the head), so I had to jog the last 50 metres. I still won, but as soon as I had crossed the finish line, I started to cough for a moment. when I had walked back, I was still feelinglike I had to vomit and I could barely stand on my legs, I felt physcially weak at that moment. I couldn't possible start the next 200m and my teacher advised my to lie down with my legs up, supported by a bench. So that's why I did, 10 minutes, I still felt like I had vomit.

So you see, I didn't really do much, I did a short warming up, then sprinted 2 x 200m and felt miserable for 40-60 minutes afterwards.

Someone with diabetis in my class is a good friend and he thinks i just don't have enough sugar in my blood... by nature (or how you'd say that). I was wondering if there's a medical term for that and if it's really low sugar in my blood causing all this?

Well, maybe the following information may help a bit more:

-I'm not the strongest guy and fairly weak compared with others of my age.
-I think I'm a bit underweight and my BMI is a bit too low
-I have difficulties with focussing when I'm studying for school.
-I usually need 30-60 minutes to fall asleep
-I have a slightly callopsed thorax (only noticeable if standing next to me, not when standing in front of me at a distance of like 1.5-2 metres)
-Not sure if it's relevant at all... But when I wash my feet, I get a burning feeling in my testicles.
-Will add more if remember more things.

Well, I hope anyone here can help me determine what's wrong with me, whether I have disease or not etc... I hope my examples and explanations were clear enough. If you have any questions or you don't understand something, please ask.

Thanks in advance.
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Yes there is a term for it- although Im not really sure that is what you have..

A- its called Hypoglycemia (hypo-gl-eye-cee-me-a)  technically diabetis is Hyperglycemia.
so it's the opposite.  But does cause many of the same symptoms. You can have symptoms if you go too low or too high.  You should NOT be underweight because that exacerbates the disease.  But it can also be the cause of why you are...

It's odd... I can eat a Jumbo chocolate muffin with choclate chips with a latte and in an hour a normal persons blood sugar would register about 180 or more.  A diabetics would skyrocket... Mine might hit 90... Because similar to a diabetic foods like that cause a reaction.  Just an opposite one.  

I suggest you see a doctor... ask him/her to run a measured glucose test... you will not enjoy this... you drink syrup that tastes like crap... they take blood... wait an hour they take blood.. another hour more blood  etc... but it shows either hypo or hyper.  

In the mean time you should a- eat more: try six mini meals a day and make sure they contain veg/lean protein/small amount of carbs... stay away from large amounts of fruit at moment... or vast amount of carbs too.

Also while at doctor... have you ever been checked for asthma or any heart issues?  Have you ever been told you have a heart murmur when someone listens to your heart beat?
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Hi there! If you've ever lost alot of blood, from an accident or whatever, anemia, low iron stores in your body, can make you feel weak, have legs that feel lead like, make your heart rate slow and make it feel like your heart is beating very deeply and/or strongly. I had anemia once and when I walked up stairs from the basement, I would get all those feelings, just walking through the house at normal speed, I didn't notice much. Guys don't usually get anemic like women can (who of course lose a certain amount of blood every month, or lose alot during child birth etc etc), that's why I ask if you've been in an accident. A quick trip to the Dr. and a blood test : ask specifically for a 'serum ferritin' test, they'll know what you mean.
   I really feel though, based on what you have given for history, that you are deficient in magnesium, that's not a regular thing they test for in a blood test, I'm not sure, but you don't need to be tested for that any way, if you don't take any by supplement already and you don't eat literally tons of magnesium rich foods daily, you're low on magnesium, most of us with a Western type diet are.
   Low magnesiumn can affect the heart drastically, the heart needs plenty of magnesium, as do many other organs.
   Low magnesium affects brain function.
   Low magnesium can cause muscle cramping, weakness and muscle fatigue.
   Low magnesium will affect sleep and quality of.
   Low magnesium can make you irritable and depressed and have feelings of impending doom.

The burning in your testicles when you wash your feet sounds like nerve related. If you get yourself some Krill Oil (omega3 fatty acids) omega 3's give the body the raw materials with which to build and repair the Myelin sheath that protects your nerves and endings, very important! Krill Oil is superior to other fish oils only because it comes with its own 'phospholipids' which must be present in order for omega3's to be absorbed.

The form of magnesium that is the most useful and bio-available for the body is in the form of magnesium choride aka magnesium oil, (which is actually just very magnesium rich sea water and not actually oil, but is does have a slightly oily texture to it). This form is more expensive, but being an athlete, you would doubly benefit from it, because it eases muscle pain and strain, while giving hard working muscles a nutrient they need while absorbing transdermally (thru the skin) for the rest of the body's use! If your local health store does not have magnesium oil a tablet will be better than none, it is not nearly as bioavailable. If you live near the ocean, go for a swim 2 times a day or more, the ocean is the world's richest source of magnesium.
    I think you would greatly benefit from taking is nascent iodine and selenium, read up on it, just google nascent iodine and read all the things your body needs it for. There's not enough in salt contrary to what we're told.
   These are just some of the basic tools the body needs to perform it's duties, when the body does not have these tools, it can be like a mechanic trying to fix a vehicle with only half of his tools. The body has amazing compensatory abilities, but with out the right tools it eventually starts to fail. Like the mechanic who needs a proper 1/2" wrench but only has a crescent (adjustable jaw) wrench that slips off the head of the bolt or nut he's trying to remove, soon the head of the bolt or the nut gets stripped round and now he can't remove it, it may have to be cut off or may be just left to get more worn out and eventually break off..or what ever...my analogy of the mechanic and his tools can be applied to the body and it's tools, you see? LOL I'm not a professional, I just read and research alot. I am just a Mom with a passion for house keeping the body..but I have done for myself everything that I am suggesting to others, my life is so much nicer physically and emotionally after fixing these simple deficiencies. I wish I knew what I know now when I was your age! Take care and if you need more info, message me if you want, April

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Welcome to the MedHelp forum!
Possibility of Vit D and testosterone deficiency and anemia, thyroid disorder and diabetes should be looked into. Post exercise nausea or Exercise induced nausea is usually due to over exercising, or abruptly stopping exercise, or over hydration. Drinking too much water before, during or after exercise could also be the cause. Eat some salty snacks and see if it helps. Exercising on empty stomach which causes blood glucose to dip with exercise can also be the cause. One should exercise after 2 hours of a light meal. Wait for a day and see. If the symptoms persist consult a doctor. The symptoms can also be due to doing more than what your body can tolerate, staring exercises without proper warm up, lung causes like asthma, heart causes (angiography, stress TMT, ECHO, EKG should all be done) or even due to muscle pull. Electrolyte imbalance and dehydration too could be a cause. It can also be costochondritis. Do consult your doctor and discuss these possibilities. Take care!
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