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IBS? Diverticulitis? IBD? Ulcerative Colitis?

For the last 4+ months I have had what seems to be symptoms of IBS(bloating, diarrhea, constipation,etc. (no blood in the stool though)). I have seen my doctor a few times and the stuff he has sent me has helped slightly. I ended up cutting gluten and sugar out of my diet for 4 weeks just to see if it would make any difference, I started noticing a difference about 2 weeks in and then I had pretty normal bowel habits (besides mild cramping in my stomach) for about two weeks, until today.... Today I went with my sister to a doctors appointment, about halfway there I had some mild cramping and knew I need to use the bathroom immediately. When we arrived at the doctors office I used the bathroom and everything seemed fine at first (the stool was normal). I get ready to leave the bathroom and realize I need to go again, I sit down to go again and again and again. When I looked at the stool it was kind of a brown green and I noticed some red dots on it... Not on every piece. Not a lot either... I have no idea if it's blood or not. The only thing I can think of is I had red pepper hummus(which is orange in color) and a strawberry gluten free pop tart.. I'm not sure if those things in particular will cause red spots in my stool. I did however notice after I was done using the bathroom that my anus was pretty sore, as if there was some kind of tear or something. I just assumed it was from all the wiping? Any answers or advice would be appreciated. I am 20 years old and a female.
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Just realized that my lunch got mixed up with my dads lunch. (Green beans and fried chicken) My chicken was fried in gluten free flour.. this would explain why I had to use the bathroom over and over. But would that cause possible blood? Maybe from the inflammation?
The blood could very well be due to inflammation, all the diarrhoea has no doubt caused that area to become inflamed as has the wiping of yourself, I am sure it is nothing to worry about. If it continues, tell your doctor, there are creams out there that can help.
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