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If you KNOW that you are sick read

I have been sick for 2 and 1/2 years.  I have had doubts.  The doctors have had doubts.  Those around me have had doubts.  Heck, I think my dog had doubts.  I saw the mental health people, and they said if you are depressed it is because you are sick you are not sick because you are depressed.  So I persisted.  Why did I feel like this and what is going on?  I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome and was afraid that I would be swept under the rug.  But I persisted.  After 2 and 1/2 years they did an MRI almost as a last resort to shut me up.  You say I have a brain tumor and it explains all of my symptoms and conditions?  It showed up on the CT scan 2 years ago and the radiologist missed it?  Now what can we do about it?

OK I do not have all my answers yet but I do know why.  I also know that my only advocate in times of doubt and dismay was myself.  I also know that I was different than before.  I was sick.  I was not depressed and I would have let the doubts fears and lack of support overwhelm me.  But I couldn't.  I had a son who was 4 when I got sick.  How do you give up on life when someone is looking to you to build their life.  He has been a rock.  He always says I want my daddy back.  Could I allow myself to give up or give in with him watching every move?  

My point is simple.  The symptoms didn't make sense.  The labs weren't adding up.  But I knew I was sick.  Now they found the tumor and everything adds up.  They would not have found it had I given up and given in.  You know if what you are feeling is real.  You know if you are mentally and emotionally solid enough to say it isn't the mental side causing it.  But knowing is only half the battle.  You must advocate for yourself and be persistent.  If you don't prove to them that it is important to you, you won't be important to them.  Good luck friends. May questions be answers and your doubts and fears be aswayed.
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I am so glad to hear that after 2 1/2 years that you are finally getting some answers, WAY TO GO!! I too have a sick 8 yr old son who has been sick for the last three years with doctor after doctor having no clue as to what is wrong. I just could never give up on him and to his day I worry sick because I cant get the doctors to understand....I am with him everyday, I know his behavior, I know that his body is different but like you his labs and MRI and CAT Scan have been normal. He is 126 lbs at 8 years old and started gaining the weight at the end of kindergarnter after he had tonsil, adnoid, tube surgery. He has bowel problems, behavior problems (lack of focus, talking, sitting still), bloating and swelling (sores arms and leg do not heal) I know he is different than before but with the doctors I just dont know anymore....My faith in doctors is going sadly. But you give me faith...it is so great to hear that you got it moving and will finally get the answers you need. God bless you!
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