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I'll all over with no diagnosis

I have been feeling very ill for over a year. Been to every kind of dr. Had all kinds of test done and still no results. Is their anyone who could help? My symptoms are legs hurt all the time, toes move in a fanning motion constantly, feel sick to my stomach, had a spinal tap and now I have headaches, buzzing noise in my ears. I am tired all the time. Pains in the upper abdomen, feel shaky sometimes, and lightheaded almost faint.. Does anyone have any ideals?
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If you have been told that you have narrowing in the spine, that will explain why you are feeling the pains in your legs.    

Narrowing of the spaces in the spinal column is called Spinal Stenosis.  That causes compression of the spinal cord and/or nerve roots. Because your nerves in the lower spine are being compressed (or pinched) this is why you are feeling the pain in your legs.  

If you have a similar problem with the cervical  vertebrae (bones in the neck), that will also explain why you feel dizzy when you move your head or look up.  Ask your doctor to refer you to physiotherapy, they will advise you of what or what you should be doing and give you exercises to do on your lower back and neck it this is appropriate.

I have degeneration of my lower spine (osteoarthritis) and get pains that run down my legs and pins and needles in the feet.  Dr. said this was referred pain from the spine.

I have never heard of people having too much iron, usually it is the opposite.  Do you know what causes you to have too much iron in the body?

Don't presume that because you have a blood test taken every 3 months that they test for other problems.  You will only know for definite if you ask.

I presumed wrongly that my ill uncle had been tested for diabetes because he was under consultants and seeing the doctor regularly for blood tests.  Then he was found collapsed on the floor, reason - severe diabetes.  So under that impression, but seeing him drink a lot, presumed it was due to the hot weather.

Hope you get some more answers to your problems soon.  When you see the doctor and have a query, ask him.  Sometimes the doctor won't tell you unless you ask.

Best wishes.
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I have had a lot of those symptoms and found to have fibromyalgia. It is hard to diagnose and there are so many dr. Who even today do not believe in it.
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Thanks for the information. Could you tell me the symptoms that you had and what helped you. Thanks
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Do you suffer from lower back problems?

Leg pain can be referred from lower back problems and also from nerve damage due to diabetes or other reasons.

Headaches, feeling light headed and buzzing noises in the ears (called tinnitus) can also come from problems in the neck.

The feelings of nausea and light headed with shakiness and feeling light fainting can be from hypoglycaemia - sugar level too low in the blood.  You do not need to be a diabetic to get symptoms of hypoglycaemia.  You need to eat small meals regularly and a snack in between so that the sugar level does not drop too low.

A glucose test would confirm or otherwise if you have this problem
I presume that your blood pressure has been checked out?  You can get feelings dizziness with too low or too high blood pressure, but not feeling sick.

Viral and bacterial infections of the ears and throat can also give you these symptoms.
Sometimes buzzing ears can be from earwax or an infection, so it would be worth getting your ears examined by the doctor it that has not been done.

Depression and anxiety can also make you feel tired, headaches, dizzy.

I asked my doctor if I have fibromyalgia.  His reply was "Probably, most people have it."  
I do have a lot of osteoarthritis and have pains in my legs (referred form the lower spine); tinnitus (noises in the ear), there is no cure for tinnitus.  Neck problems that cause postural hypertension - light headed, loss of balance.  I was diagnosed with peripheral nerve damage some years ago, and I am not a diabetic, but am glucose intolerant.

Make sure you drink enough water so you do not become dehydrated, because that can cause headaches.

Best wishes.
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Thanks for the great info, I will have to check into a couple of those suggestions . I have had my ears checked and they say I have hearing loss in my left ear. They are going to give me a food allergy test. I have blood test every three months, I have hymachrometosis which is to much iron. So I would think that they check my glucose. As for my lower back, just had it checked and do have narrowing in the spine. If you think of anything else please let me know! Thank you again it's nice to hear something that can help. Thanks
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