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Illness that has plagued me for years with no answers

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone can relate as I have had an illness that has plagued me for years with no answers. It all started when I was pregnant 6 years ago. I started noticing in stores with big overhead lighting my eyes couldn't adjust to it. It was as if it was just turned so bright my brain wasn't adjusting properly. I also noticed feeling a bit spacey but put it all down to hormones. It would come and go and then a few weeks later, I lost the baby. After that, I just went downhill over the years but doctors couldn't find anything. I was just told it was anxiety and depression because of the baby loss. Of course I was upset about the loss, but I know my body and this isn't anxiety and depression.

These are the things I have had over the years: twitching all over body, stabbing sensations, constant light sensitivity to where all indoor lighting looks really bright and like my brain can't process it, off balance, feeling drunk and like my brain is poisoned and toxic 24/7, weird flashes of light when falling asleep at night, racing heart, feeling faint upon standing up, chronic constipation, rashes, itching and hives over body, achy joints, nausea, vertigo, bloating, gas, sound and smell sensitivity, smelling things that aren't there, severe head pressure, back pain, constant swaying sensation and like the ground is moving, feelings of nerve irritation, up and down temperature, burning mouth syndrome, chronic sore throat, burning all over body, itchy all over body, chest pain, bad breath, neck tightness, pain, feeling like head is too big for neck, hair coming out.

Things I have tested for: lyme, positive on two specialized tests, negative on regular lyme testing.
Thyroid - Fine
Sibo- Treated
MRI - Normal

Told I had mold illness. Treated with binders for 9 months, made no difference to symptoms

May of this year found mold in my home - felt worse but also had a chiropractor adjust me for terrible pain in my lower back and have never been the same since.

I now have a constant swaying sensation as if I am on a boat trying to keep my balance, and I now feel like I am constantly being strangled, clicking when I swallow and feeling like the mechanism in my throat is off and swallowing isn't working properly. I also seem super reactive to things.

I am at my wits end. I want my life back and feel like I am never going to get better and wonder if anyone else has had something similar.
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Im pretty sure thats stress and depresion. Stres and depresion can make every part of the body feel sick and you can actually hurt your body and have physical pain. So take care of your self. Try to release stress
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You may want to post your test results in the thyroid group. Some people are told that their thyroid hormones are normal when they're actually not.
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lookingforanswers,  this disease can be as difficult to diagnose through lab tests as  thyroid imbalances.  Testing for MS isn't like a pregnancy test,  or a blood sugar test for diabetes.  The lab tests can be inconclusive.  If you were my family  member,  I'd ask for you to be treated with MS medications as if you have it,  and see if you have improvement.  Best wishes.  I have a close family member who has been treated for MS since she was 27,  and she's now in her 50's,  although the first few doctors told her she tested "negative".  
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Here is a link for you to get started.  Young adult women,  in their late 20's early 30's are particularly at risk for onset of symptoms.  The good news is,  a LOT of good research has been done in the last decade and there are better therapies than ever before.

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Yes I have, I was confirmed to not have it.
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You have all the red flag symptoms for MS (Multiple Schlerosis).   Have you been tested for it?  With your list of symptoms,  I'd be really surprised that you weren't screened for this.
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