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I'm sick of feeling like this

Sorry for my English,   but this is the only place I found to express my feelings
I just got cured from tuberculosis,  I went to six months of treatment,  doc looked the latest x-ray films and compared to the old ones said my lungs are much better than before,  only had a very-very small scar on right side,   I don't feel any pain or any breathing problems since I took the antibiotics,  I have to say this treatment did very well,  because I coughed up big amounts of blood before being diagnosed for tb,  he said to return in the end of august to do a last check .  So,  days passed and I just feel like crap,  everyday,  I wake up feeling well,  later my heads and neck starts to feel, "FUNNY" like my self awareness say to me I'm losing some part of my coordination,  it is hard to explain but I have a feeling or fear of losong control of parts of my body,  like I would sit in front of this computer and I typing this my right hand  feels weird,  joints of arm feels like it will disconnect,  head feels wobbling and heavy/light,  sincerely I feel like a clown feeling constantly fighting over this
I look very well,  my body seems to gain weight and returned my fitness,  but I can't even do an exercise I feel like I will pass out if I  continue,  even walking is a hard task,  a mental task,.  Feels like I have to be fighting all the time with the gravity.
I'm to the point I can't relax anymore,  only laid down,  because if I stand still I feel my body swaying or trembling. My vision sometimes got lost,  I can't focus well or I try to avoid focusing because I feel some sort of a pressure in my head leading to unbalance. Heart races when I deal with this,  I don't know if this is anxiety,  but when I feel like I will pass out I just cough in response and I feel total nervous
What can I do get rid of this?   What ki d of doctors I have to consult
Sometimes my neck will have a pressure,  not pain,  it is a pressure of some sort.  
I went through a hard time of my life I lost my father for lung cancer,  same time I got TB.  I feel like I will never leave home on my own  again,  Sometimes I feel suicidal or trapped
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I'd start with my regular doc, but it could be the medication used to treat your TB.  Antibiotics can be very hard on the body, the digestive system, the immune system.  It takes a while to recover from them, and they also create opportunities for other infections to arise.  I would try to see whoever treated the TB as well.  
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Yeah, lets see what is waiting me next month. So im jist doong my job eating well and doong small exercise
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