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I'm thirsty and tired after eating (no diabetes)


Sometimes, when I eat something, a couple of hours later I feel very exhausted and thirsty. When it happens, I can't focus, and I can't work. If I drink water, it doesn't quench my thirst (it even makes it worse!). This exhaustion and thirst lasts for three or four hours... I just have to just lay down, and wait for this debilitating weakness to vanish over time.

This has been going on for... two years now, and I can't work because of this. Anything I eat can "trigger" that thirst/exhaustion (it might be a mere yogurt). So after lunch, I always keep my fingers crossed and hope it won't happen.

I've seen several doctors, took several blood tests and urinalysis, and the results I had were okay (except potassium was very slightly below-normal). I've also had a thyroid scan and it was okay...
I also saw a psychiatrist and he said it wasn't psychological.

So... I'm getting kind of desperate lol.

I just wondered if you could have maybe some... idea of what this might be, or what further action I could take to try and shed more light on this odd disorder?

Thank you so much for your attention! :)

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I am so sorry you are having these issues.

You said you don't have diabetes, did your GP do a blood test called the A1c? This tests for what the blood sugars were during the last 3 months, it is becoming one of the gold standards to test for blood sugar disorders. Perhaps you have low blood sugar.

Also, food allergies can sometimes cause the symptoms you are having. I would ask the doctor to do some food allergy panels to check for the more common ones such as yeast, wheat, beef, etc. You can also do this at home, start avoiding some of the more common ones you eat often for a week or so, if you start to feel better, then you probably were having a reaction to that food. Do it one food at a time, that way, you will know which one (or ones) is causing the reactions, it takes time but can be well worth it.

I hope you feel better soon.

Thank you so much for your answer. I didn't know about A1C, I'll bring the subject up to my GP.

I'll also make an appointment with an allergy specialist, seems to me as a very good idea.

Thank you very much for your help, Sassy Lassie, really appreciate it.
With little hope my situation will improve soon enough.

Best regards,
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"I feel very exhausted and thirsty... I can't focus, and I can't work... debilitating weakness...   potassium was very slightly below-normal"

Jordan, you have symptoms of a severe potassium deficiency.

It's possible that your potassium test was faulty, or that you are rare in that you react to a slight deficiency as if it were a severe deficiency. It's a simple matter to increase your potassium intake (such as with potatoes and bananas) to see if that makes you improve. But I'd use a supplement, rather than just food.
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Maybe it's only sometimes that you have very low potassium. Are these attacks preceded by:

-really excessive urination?
-sometimes using a lot of herbs or spices that are diuretic (there are many of those)?
-excessive sweating?

There is also a genetic condition that creates periodic potassium deficiency. That doesn't match perfectly, but it is periodic and you might have a mild version without paralysis: https://rarediseases.info.nih.gov/diseases/6729/hypokalemic-periodic-paralysis

Their attacks can happen after a high carbohydrate meal.
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