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In ER friday night

Hey, Well, on Friday evening my symptoms seemed to get worse.  I was numb and tingling on my left side again - stabbing pain in my left temple - sick in my stomach - and felt like I was being shocked on my left leg.  Also felt like my face was "pulling" - so I'm thinking to myself - I must be having a stroke - so I called 911.  ER doc did chest x-ray, CT Scan, EKG, blood work (cbc, chem 7, troponin(?))  Had to go back this morning for bilateral carotid duplex doppler ultrasound.  Won't have results in until mid week.  Got to visit my GP to get results.  Anyway, ER doc said he couldn't believe that I have been seeing her for this long without having had more extensive work up than this.  Will let you all know results.  Will post later after i get all test results together and in some kind of order.  Want to post that since alot of you have had extensive experience with this stuff - I am sure that you could help me to understand them and where to go next.  Hope you all have a good day.  Charley
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Sorry to hear about your continued saga. As bad as it seems, you need to feel some solace in the fact that you're doing all you can to find out what is going on. I know that doesn't help when you feel like ****, but it's only a matter of time before you'll get some answers.

I'm in the same boat with symptoms over the past month that sent me to the ER, neurologist, etc. I'm getting a head MRI, EEG and EMG this Thursday, then I'm following up with the neuro. Tbe waiting has been the most painful part. I would love to be able to show up at the ER, have every test known to man done, and know something when I leave. However, once the ER knows your condition is not life-threatening, they send you on your way...

I do have been told that stress and anxiety can cause many different symptoms, and while I am not ready to accept that anxiety is causing all of my symptoms, I know it's playing a role. With counseling and a greater awareness of stress and anxiety in my life, my symptoms have diminshed quite a bit.

Find a good GP, get more tests, and in the meantime I wish you the best!
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Thanks for your support.  You're right - the not knowing is the hardest part - as well as the waiting.  I agree with you on the anxiety part of this -  the ER doc told me that some of this could get worse before it gets better b/c personally, he had seen that in other patients who were "searching" for answers.  He asked me if I had a Rx for anything for anxiety and I told him I was one step ahead of him! (lol)  Please post and let us know how your visit w/ neuro goes.  I am headed there myself on the 20th and I swear it can't get here fast enough!
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My neuro visit is also on the 20th, though I'm trying to get it moved up to next week. Hopefully we'll both have some good news that day!!!

Yeah, I also have some meds the ER gave me to take if I felt some anxiety coming on (not necessarily because they thought I have an anxiety disorder, but definitely because my symptoms are causing anxiety.) I have taken them (lorazepam) a few times when I've felt bad, and they've helped. This leads me to believe that anxiety may be playing more of a role than I think.

I have good days and bad days. More bad days about a month ago, but slowly more good days. Like you, the 20th feels about a year away. I want to know now, but I know that isn't going to happen. I can't control everything, which is probably a good thing :).

I'll post when I know more about what is going on, in the hopes that my plight will help someone else down the road.
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Hey, I want you to know that I am praying - and praying hard for us both to have some answers of some kind.  It is hard trying not to get too excited about it b/c in all actuality, I probably won't know anything on the 20th - but I hope like **** that I will atleast be led in the right direction.  
Yes, Please post and let us know how it went.  I, too will continue to post with what is going on in the hopes that I can help someone too - or that someone can help me.  I honestly think my stress level has cut back somewhat due to the fact that people here on this forum really know how I feel - and alot of them have been in this spot alot longer than me.
Take care and Good Luck - I'm rootin' for ya!
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After many, many health issues and symptoms and many specialists, I have now seen a neurologist who is more aggressive with testing.  She ordered 4 MRI's based on all of my issues over past 1 1/2 years now.  Based on one of the results she wants me to have a CTSAN and bone scan immediatly as she thinks that this may be the answer to my problems.  I hope so although I am very scared to find out if I have something like a tumor.  I posted a question below because my Dr. said the MRI showed "bright spot" and I don't know what that means.  But the gist of it is, you can't give up.  We all know how we feel and if we don't feel "right" then we need to know why.  I hate it when dr.'s diagnose you with anxiety and depression becasue they can't find anything wrong. About 4 1/2 years ago now, I was diagnosed with depression and had to beg for a thyroid test which is just a simple blood test.  Turns out I was sooo hyperthyroid and have Graves Disease.  Hang in there and good luck.
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Thank you so much for your support.  I am not going to give up - b/c as you said, I know my body and I KNOW that something is wrong - may be something simple - may not be.  But I have to have some answers.  That is ironic about your thyroid - same thing happened to me - 5 doctors later, a little blood test revealed I am hypothyroid.  I know alot of people here understand the frustration and sometimes just wanting to give up but I can't.  I am glad that you are atleast finding someone who is agressive in your health care.  I hope that you soon find some answers - keep us posted.
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Just thought I would let you know that I got my test results today from my ultrasound on my cartoid arteries.  They were fine but they found a mass on my thyroid.  I know it sounds crazy but I'm glad they found SOMETHING - atleast now maybe someone will listen.  I have to go to the doc in the A.M. - will update you when I know something.  Maybe this is it.......
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Hey, so glad that tests came out okay.  I know that is some relief in its own way.  I hope all goes well with the blood tests - keep me up to date and I will do the same.  Take care - talk to you soon!
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Well, I had my MRI, EEG and EMG today. So much for these being easy medical tests :). Luckily, another Neuro. from the same medical group conducted my EMG, and he gave me preliminary findings from the MRI and EEG. Both normal.

The EMG did bring up one abnormality. Legs were fine. However, in my hands I showed some electrical activity at rest. More pronounced in left hand (I'm right handed). The doc. said it could be many things, and didn't seem overly concerned. He asked if I had experienced any neck or arm pain, which I haven't consistently. There have been a few times when I've injured my neck (sleeping on it wrong, working out, etc.), and I can feel some tingling and pain in my left arm for a few days, possibly weeks. He also asked if I had any weakness or stiffness in my hands, which I haven't.

I know I have some minor damage in my back (bulging disc), which has never caused much of a problem. Who knows?

Sure, it could be bad, but right now I'm not going to worry about it until I can discuss it with the doc. Also, they are doing more blood work, since there is a possibility that I have a vitamin B12 definciency.

Again, more when I know more. I'm happy that the MRI and EEG were normal, and I hope that the EMG is nothing to worry about.
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I found out I have a bone tumor on my neck. It is benign, but is the type that should probably be removed and biopsied.  I'm not thrilled about this, but when we go to many doctors and have many tests because we feel lousy, I guess we need to be prepared that we were feeling that way for a reason.  Unfortunately, the diagnosis and treatment is often not what we wanted to hear either.
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Hi Duchess, I am sorry to hear that but I am glad for you that it is benign.  Did you have some of the same symptoms that I had?  How did they find that?  How long did it take to find it?  Sorry so many questions - just trying to learn about other peoples situations in the hopes that it will educated me somewhat.  When will you be having surgery?  I will keep you in thought and prayer - hope that all goes well.  And you are so right about finding out what may be causing the problems - I am just SO READY to feel good again. Take care!
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I have just posted a question on the neurology forum regarding all of my symptoms if you want to read it.  It's a very long post which basically outlines my symptoms which I have had for 1 1/2 years now.  My neurologist called me back to tell me she went to talk to the radiologist and go over all of my tests and there is something a bit off regarding my thyroid.  I will be having an ultrsound on it june 29.  Maybe this is actually what's causing my symptoms and not the bone tumor.  I need to go back for more blood tests this week too.  I feel like I have spent the past 1 1/2 years doing nothing but having tests and seeing doctors.  Oh well, I guess we are all in the same boat.  Hang in there, I know it's frustrating, but there is help for us.
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I know that all of this is frustrating but atleast we are finally getting somewhere...amazing what that little gland can do isn't it?  That is interesting that they found something off with your thyroid - I would be interested to find out what that is.  I go for my thyroid ultrasound on Friday (16th) and have an appt with my gp on Monday for results - will also have blood work back by then as well.  I guess from there may be the possibility of fine needle aspiration...to see if it is cancerous.  Whatever it is - I just want it fixed so I can feel good again.  I was so tired all day today - even with a good nights sleep....always tired - no energy.  I have a 12 year old son who plays summer baseball and church meetings and activities and community involvment - and work of course....I just can't do any of it any more.  I have managed to go to all my son's games and go to work and church, maybe two times a month.  I thought maybe I was trying to do too much - but I don't feel any better giving everything up....I just want to feel good again.  I am going to neuro forum and read your post.  I truly hope that you have finally found some answer....I know you have got to be tired of doctors prodding and poking....I guess depending on what is going on with your thyroid - the other surgery should be scheuled soon?  Please let me know about that and I will certainly be praying for you.  Prayer does work - sometimes not in the amount of time we would like - but it's all for a reason i guess.  You take care and keep me posted!  Have a goodnight!
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DITTO! Have a great weekend!
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There was a cancellation at the hospital so I was able to reschedule my ultrasound appointment for Friday June 16 same as yours.  I guess we will both know what's going on at the same time.  I will definitely be praying for you. Take care and try not to think about it over the weekend.
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