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Inconstant pain on left side of the head next to the ear

Hello! Two days ago I woke up with a slightly painful throat, as if i just got a flu but it was gone in a few hours but my left ear started to be really sensitive whenever I swallowed anything, even saliva. And i get inconstant pain in the ear and sometimes right above it in my head, it's short and lasts for about 2 seconds and after a few minutes or even hours it happens again. I tried to clean my ear but when i do so nothing hurts and it's clean. It's really bothering me since the pain can be like a small stabbing sensation. What could it be? Should I go to my family doctor for a check up? Also, i'm 16 years old and i never had any kind of health problems.
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Hi there -

Any new symptoms, especially those that linger, should be checked out by your doctor. This could be as simple as an ear infection or fluid in the ear from allergies or a cold, or something more serious, but you should definitely get it checked.


The pain above your ear could be from an ear infection, certain types of headaches, and other more serious (but far more unlikely) things.

Let us know what your doctor says, and feel better soon! :)

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Hello~I would definitely get checked by a doctor, if these are new symptoms, then it is always better to err on the side of safety.
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