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Infected Scab or Unusual Healing?

I hit my knee on pavement on july 4th and I've been keeping an eye on my scrape.

The surrounded area has a red ring wear it seems to be healing, but center has a yellow/greenish look to it. I let it dry out for a couple day and put a bandaid on it last night since moving my knee seem to make a tiny crack in the small formed scab.

Placing a bandaid on it I thought would be find until I woke up and the entire thing seemed to not be a hardened scab anymore, but a softish yellowish looking layer that seemed it was slightly oozing.

The layer seemed to come off in some bits when i removed the bandaid with fresh flesh under it which seems super concerning.

Is this a scab trying to form or some type of infection? Or is a it a mix of both?

The area is not warmer around or even close to the scrape nor does it seem to be more painful than a few days ago. It isn't swollen either.

I just find it odd that it isn't healing like a normal scab would.
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Must have been a bad fall.  Streets can be very dirty and you may actually have an infection.  It's been enough days that if you allowed this to dry out and be exposed to air, I'd guess a regular scab would form. I think it has been too long for it to look like it looks if this happened July 4th.  https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/325761  They'd likely just give you a topical antibiotic for you which would probably knock it out. If you cover it, do it with gauze because it needs to breath. Non breathing things like band aids can make it fester.  Don't pick at it, never touch it with unwashed hands and clean it with soap and water.  But you might want to get it looked at to see if you need the prescription strength antibiotic cream.  They make over the counter ones that are not as strong and some people have an allergic reaction to.  But for some they also work.  If you notice anything else, see your doctor for sure. Staph infections can start in a spot and get much worse.  https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/325761#medical-treatments
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