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Infection confirmation

i am posting my blood report plz check and let me know and which kind of infection is their
WBC : 13.5 H
LY : 26.8
MO : 3.4
GR : 69.8
LY : 3.6 H
MO : .5 3
GR : 9.4 3H
RBC : 6.13
HGB : 17.8
HCT : 53.3 X
MCV : 86.8 X
MCH : 29.0 X
MCHC : 33.4 X
RDW : 15.3 XH
PLT : 247.   X
MPV : 8.3 X
PCT  : .204
PDW : 15.8 X
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I meant to say can't really  tell  not can, (typo) from a complete blood count what kind of infection you have.
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An increased WBC doesn't ALWAYS mean infection meaning this CAN be an infection not that this 100% is.

Definitely needs to be further investigated.  

What exactly are your symptoms?
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You can really  tell from a complete blood count what type of infection you have (as said above). It does show a slight increase in your WBC count so you are fighting some type of infection. The RDW is high as well which just shows there is a variety of cell types. Sometimes this can mean iron deficiency anemia but it isn't too bad since your Hemoglobin is normal. The more important question is what are your symtoms and how long have you had them?
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I don't think the answer I have for you will be what you want to hear. The lab shows that you probably have an infection as the White Blood Cell count is high.  However exactly what kind of infection you may have well
require more studies.  A culture may be needed to determine what kind of infection you might have. Depending upon other symptoms your doctor
may need to do further studies to determine what diagnosis and type of treatment is needed. Be ready to inform your doctor of any additional symptoms you have, I.E. fever, weakness, fatigue, pain, insomnia, anxiety drainage, etc.
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